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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Timing-Car Accident

I just finished rereading my post from Sat and am smiling. Why? Because my boys and I were in a car accident on Sunday and normally I would be freaking out about all of the details but i'm not...I'm leaning on God and the knowledge that His plan surpasses my understanding.  Our morning started out great...Chad made us breakfast and I piled the boys in the car and off we went to the grocery store.  I normally go grocery shopping at 5am and can't stand to go during normal business hours but I decided it would be a fun trip for the boys.  As we were driving home past our favorite coffee shop a lady in front of me put her blinker on to turn into her driveway and abruptly turned. I put my foot on the brake to slow down and head a pop....that pop was a four door truck slamming into the back of our explorer...on impacted our explorer was catipulted 20 feet....my body slammed forward then back...it took me a minute to figure out that I had just been hit by another car, but immediately my adreneline kicked in and I got out to check on the boys who praise the lord were fine. Noah complained of his teeth hurting initially and besides a  bump on Ky's head they were fine.  The person who hit me called 911 and I sat back down in my car because my head hurt so bad i thought I was going to lose consciousness. Thankfully I was close to home and we have a fire station blocks down. The police, ambulance, and fire engine were onsight within two minutes.  The police officer and paramedics were great with the boys and I...I was put in a brace and taken to the hospital...the boys were taken there as well in a different vehicle..I was distraught thought because i couldn't find my phone to call Chad and I didn't want to the boys to be by themselves. They did find it and called Chad right away.  They did a Catscan at the hospital of my head and spine and thankfully there was no internal bleading or damage to my spine.  They did however find a 4mm calcified spot on my brain and I will be getting a MRI on Friday to find out what it is.  Our explorer was smashed in the back and has been towed to an auto inspection site.  I'm praying we get a call today to discuss the extent of the damamge and if it's going to be fixable or totalled.  A big part of me feels that they are going to total it.  We only had three payments left and it would have been paid off.  I know that they trade in amount that they would give us wouldn't do much other than provide a decent down payment on a new vehicle.  It makes me sad but at the same time I know God truly has his hand on all of this and no matter what the outcome is, I'm alive and so are the boys and the people who were in the other car.  At the end of the day a car is just a car and replacable.  I'm beyond thankful that our boys are ok and glad that my injuries are fixable.  I went to my regular doctor yesterday and she has switched the meds i'm on which are knocking me out but I should be able to be off the strong one by this weekend.  I saw my chiropractor today and am thankful to have resources available to help me.  Now i'm just waiting for the police report to be completed, get a rental car, and find our about our car and next steps there.  This afternoon has been the first time since Sunday that I've been out of bed to sit and do something besides sleeping and while I'm feeling groggy I'm thankful for the time to do something productive. My dear friend Dawn is coming down and bringing us dinner and me lunch today.  I'm looking forward to the company and hopefully won't fall asleep on her..lol

Our families have been nothing short of amazing and supportive.  My mom has been over every day to help with laundry, dishes, and the boys.  Chad's rents have watched the boys while i've been at my appts and all day yesterday. His dad even brought over a plant for me...which made me smile because I can't keep plants alive to save my life.  I've tried to plant some this summer and do enjoy it however I'm already on my second set of plants for the summer and these ones seem to be dying a slow death as well...lol

So as I sit hear and wait I've had a lot of time to pray and just talk to God about my concerns and my heart and truly feel at peace with whatever the outcome is.  I know He knows our needs and will take care of the muddy details i'm worried about.  I'm thankful to have a heavenly Father who is constant the same today as yesterday and knows already what is going to happen.  That brings a smile to me because I know that He is in this situation and has been since before the accident happened on Sunday.  Most of all we are safe and still a family...a blessing I don't take for granted.  If you could pray for us as we transition to whatever the outcome will be I'd really appreciate it. Blessings!

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A Tiny Hiney said...

Omigosh!!!! I'm so glad that you and the boys are all here with us--what a scary, scary thing to go through!!! I'm praying for your recovery!!