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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Perfect Peace

Normally I don't post twice in one day and technically it's 15 minutes until Thursday, but I'm awake and just have the urge to write yet again.  About an hour after I posted my last post my claims adjustor called to tell me our explorer is totaled.  The normal "me" would have freaked out, not kidding, but this time I was calm and frankly just felt peace about it.  He walked me through how everything will play out and besides him sending me a few things that were forgotten in my suv we are done with that part of the process.  Tomorrow I have to take the signed tital to our agent, pick up the police report, and get a rental car.  Then Chad and I have to start looking/test driving cars.  As Chad and I talked about it tonight...part of us is bummed because the explorer was almost paid off and we were planning on getting a second car within the next month so now we are back with one vehicle but i'm excited.  I'm excited because we will be saving a ton of money on gas by having a car.  I commute 1 hr 30 min each way to work every day and we have been spending a hefty amount on gas this year.  So between that and the difference of what we won't be spending on a car payment we will be able to keep saving and saving.  I also think we'll be able to get our bathrooms remodeled sooner than planned. So tonight I'm excited to see what car we will find and most of all so thankful everything is working out.  The boys told us they wanted a red van...and this mama had to tell them no.  As much as I agree vans are practical and alot of my girfriends swear by them I don't want to drive one.  I told Chad he could when we look for his car next:)  I'm guessing he'll take a pass on it but just had to throw it out there for him. Well I think my meds are finally kicking in because i'm starting to shut my eyes...that didn't take long. Until tomorrow, or today :)

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