" I am the Lord. I change not." Malachi 3:6

Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Day at Home

This morning started off a little rough. Harper was up from 1-3am and then slept until 7.  Normally I sleep like a rock in between feedings but for whatever reason I just had a hard time getting settled after her first feeding.  So when she woke up at 7 I felt like I was walking around the house with one eye open lol. Thankfully once she went back down around 8 I crashed and took a nap while she slept which was WONDERFUL! I woke up refreshed and enjoyed just cuddling with her the rest of the morning.

After lunch I cleaned up the kitchen and cleaned out my fridge which I know sounds boring but was very needed! Since I'm going grocery shopping tomorrow or Sat am I needed to make sure I had everything organized and cleaned up so I know what to put on my list. Speaking of lists I've spent more time today reading my eating clean book and looking at recipes trying to determine what to make the next two weeks.  I'm so pumped and encouraged this week as I continue on my journey to be healthy, get in shape, and set an example for my children.  My trainer, Oscar, had recommend protein powder (http://www.amazon.com/Optimum-Nutrition-Standard-Double-Chocolate/dp/B000QSNYGI)  to use as I add weights to my workout and just for overall wellness. I am excited to order it and add it to my daily menu. The only problem I'm having is determining what flavor to try first..lol. Chad's on board with adding it to his daily menu as well so we shall see how we like it. :) 

After the boys came from school Ky and I played a board game and had a wonderful time together laughing and making a memory.  As I sat across the table from him I looked at him and my heart just melted because while he is only six I felt my heart tense up for a moment as I thought about him growing up SO fast and praying that time will slow down a bit.  As we cleaned up the game and I headed to go get Harper from her bassinet I knocked my water bottle all over the floor.  Bless Kylan's heart he jumped up and said "Mom I got it don't worry" and proceeded to get the paper towels done and cleaned it up for me. I wanted to grab him and just squeeze him in that moment.  I know God is doing great things in his little heart. I only pray as he continues to grow that he will seek God's will for his life and grow to be a man of great faith and love for our Lord.

For dinner tonight I made a clean version of chicken fried rice and tweaked the recipe that I found from Iowa Girl Eats (http://iowagirleats.com/2012/08/23/take-out-fake-out-easy-chicken-fried-rice/) I LOVE IT! And I love having a healthy go to option for chicken fried rice! After dinner I relaxed with Harper for a bit and then headed downstairs to get my workout on. Forty-five minutes later I was exhausted but happy at the same time with my workout. I worked a hard hill and my legs were shaking just a bit as I got off the elliptical but I was happy to get that workout out of the way and call it done!!! :) #gametime!

And now I'm watching American Idol back on DVR and cracking up and Nicki Minaj. I am enjoying listening to Keith Urban's critique and am already picking out my favorites for the season. Tonight we are supposed to get hit with a snow storm and I really hope the snow fall is less than what is being predicted. That being said I know the boys would love to have a snow day tomorrow!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Taking time to smell the roses

Today has been a wonderful day!! Harper and I got up at 6:45...she had her bath, got her dressed for mom's group and started to feed her when our doorbell rang. Luckily Chad was up getting the boys ready for school and answered it. A water main broke down the street and the water guy was telling us our water was being shut off of the next two hours while they fixed it. Let me tell you this mama jumped out of bed and asked Chad to hold Harper while I took a quick shower so I didn't look like a hot mess at mom's group. Luckily Harper was content and was patient with me while I got cleaned up. :)

Harper all ready to go to moms group :)

We left our home a little after nine and headed to church for mom's group. I have been excited all week to meet with the group of ladies I met last week.  I'm so glad I went! First, I LOVE the book we are discussing, Unglued by Lysa Terkeurst (http://www.christianbook.com/unglued-making-wise-choices-midst-emotions/lysa-terkeurst/9780310332794/pd/332794?kw=unglued&event=PPCSRC&p=1018818&gclid=CKvxn--6xrUCFQjNnAod2ioAmQ), and enjoyed having open/honest conversation with the ladies.  It was so refreshing to listen to each woman share how they were doing this week and I really appreciated their honest and vulnerability.  One of the ladies that I met last week (and hit it off with) was back this week and sat next to me. We enjoyed getting to know each other more and I'm excited to do lunch or have a play date with her in the near future.  We are going to start reading the book, Crazy Love by Francis Chan, next week and I am excited to re read the book and dive into discussions.

After mom's group Harper and I made a run to the hospital so I could get my blood work done while she was sleeping. We then ran home and I made lunch and fed her.  After she fell asleep I changed into my workout clothes and enjoyed a 60 minute workout. I'm feeling great getting back into my workout regiment and adding Zumba back in.  In addition to my workout I've dusted off my eating clean book, http://www.eatcleandiet.com/ , and am really focusing on what I'm putting in my body.  I've become really disciplined over the past two weeks and am working on removing the last few items that have been stragglers this week. It's amazing how my body is reacting and just how much better I feel cutting out all of the "crap" from my daily meals/snacks.  I have a list of new recipes that I'm excited to try over the next couple of weeks and am looking forward to making better choices for my body.

Tomorrow we are supposed to get another snow storm so we'll see how the day goes. I was looking forward to going to Zumba again but will be the first to stay in and get a good workout in at home and avoid the messy roads and snow!! Fingers crossed the snow doesn't come until after Zumba's over.  :)

Monday, February 18, 2013

Valentines Day, Zumba, Fellowship

I apologize in advance as this post is going to be all over the place covering different topics from my world the last few weeks to get me caught up a bit. :)

Weeks 3-5 at home with Harper were wonderful!! We got into a good routine as far as waking up in the morning giving her a bath and dressing her in something cute for the day.. :)  Since the flu season was rampid around here I did my best not to take her out unless we really needed to go somewhere and if we did I have three, yes three, mini bottles of hand sanitizer in her diaper bag. :) 

She definately hit a growth spurt during week three. I was exhausted from feeding more often than not but was greatful in the same breath that she was growing and gaining weight. Most of that week consisted of me napping when she did and enjoying my time with family as they came over to hold her and chat.  I tried working out week three but it was too soon and my body let me know....SO I waited and let it continue to heal. I did get my eating clean books out and got serious about what I'm eating.  I can already feel a huge difference in the way I feel throughout the day by cutting out so many of the processed foods and refined sugars I was eating while pregnant. 

By the end of week four I tried working out again and was successful. Yeah!!! I was so excited to get back into a routine and start working at losing this baby weight. I know that it took nine months to put one and am giving myself ample time to get it off but can't wait to be back in my clothes that I love and just feel comfortable with my body. 

Our church has an amazing mom's group that meets every Wednesday and I've never been able to participate because I work full time during the day. One of my goals while on maternity leave was to attend and meet some moms and hopefully make a few new friends. I packed up Harper and we went last Wednesday and loved it!! God knew that I really needed to be with ladies that day and fellowship.  I haven't provided and update since first posted about L, but the short version is that precious L needs a heart transplant and won't be leaving the hospital until she gets one. Her parents have been living in a nightmare the past 7 weeks and it's been painful watching them go through everything that has come their way since L was born.  You see Mich my dear friend and I had planned our maternity leave before we had the girls...not crazy detailed but you know things like week two we'd grab Starbucks and relax at each other's homes with the girls and just relax...week 6 we might attempt mall walking or a spinning class. And in short just really be there with each other during this wonderful time enjoying our daughters and the things that come with being home.  Well with all that's happeneded since L was born things changes quickly and while we support them 100% percent and are trying to be there for them and their family any way we can it's been a bit sad not doing what we planned. I'm not sure I'm expressing my thoughts well.  But needless to say it was refreshing to go to church last Wednesday and meet moms and talk with them and pray for Mich and L and their family, the doctors, and all that is going on in their world. It was also nice just to talk to an adult during the day.  I have truly enjoyed every moment with Harper at home and tear up over the thought of returning to work, but when you are used to engaging with people all day long and then it's quiet after the initial rush of visitors it's taken me a bit of getting used to. For example I don't watch daytime television and now I find myself telling my girlfriends about what happened today on Kelly and Michael or who Ellen had on her show. :)

Valentines Day 2013
 Chad decided to take Thursday off of work to spend with Harper and I and we took her to her first movie, Identity Theft. Hilarious movie! She did really good the whole movie. I wore my Moby, which I LOVE, and she slept almost the whole time. We wanted to go to one of our favorite resteraunts in town but didn't have time to do both. We did enjoy loving on H all day though. That evening my sister, Ashely, and I went to Zumba and it kicked my butt!! I haven't been to Zumba since I was first pregnant and I really enjoyed it.  We went to a place that has it at a church in town and it was AWESOME!! I can't wait to go again tomorrow. I'm not coordinated at all but I love working out to the music and how fast the hour goes by. I weighed in on Sunday and am down another two pounds which I am excited about. That brings my total weight loss to 33 pounds!! I've now lost all of my pregnancy weight plus three pounds. And I have quite a ways to go to my goal weight but am extremly motivated and excited to see results and get back into my jeans. :)

Today has been a lazy day at home with Harper cuddling all day long. I am nervous that I have strep and am going in for a culture tomorrow. My glands are swollen and I appear to have white spots on the back of my mouth. I'm hoping they get the results quickly so I can get meds and call Harper's pediatrician to see what I should do to ensure she doesn't get whatever I have. So depending on how all of that goes will determine what we do this week. I'm hoping to go to Zumba on Tuesday and Thursday after Chad gets home from work and mom's group on Wednesday but we will see.

She smiles a lot... Love her!

He is a proud big brother who is now helping all the time!

Noah was nervous to get so close to her but now enjoys helping also

She loves her baths!

She was not having it! But still managed to look cute

I can't stop staring at her even when she is sleeping

Mom I'm done with the pictures! :)
 Well Harper is waking up so I must run but I will leave you with a few picture from weeks 3-5. Enjoy.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The first couple of weeks home

     Being home with Harper has been nothing short of amazing and a blessing that I'm not taking for granted! After we brought Harper home we spent the first two weeks enjoying Carmen's company and my dad and his wife flew out the Friday after she was born. Carmen and I had a wonderful time with Harper and each other! We spent hours sitting on the couch lounging and taking turns holding her and staring at her all day long and we loved it. I had a list of dinners I wanted to make while Carmen was here so we jumped right into our menu for the remaining days she was here and enjoyed some of my favorite new recipes that she hadn't tried yet.  We also caught up on several chick flicks that we both have been wanting to see. My favorite was Pitch Perfect!! I loved it and we watched it twice..i'm pretty sure I could watch that movie at least once a month. Before Carm had kids she was a professional photographer. While I don't have props etc Carm brought her fancy camera and took a few (ok 100 plus) pictures of Harper and we had a blast going through them and picking out my favorites. Here are a few of them.

     Chad took the first couple of days off of work which was wonderful...after that he worked from his  office at home for the next two weeks. It was a huge blessing especially after Carmen left. Just knowing he was here in case I needed help was wonderful. I'm not one to take naps often but the first month I relished in them and just enjoyed relaxing and everything that words means. While I have a list of things I hope to accomplish while on maternity leave my number one priority is bonding with Harper and enjoying every moment which I've taken full advantage off.  It's also been a wonderful time for my family. My sisters stop over throughout the week to say hi to Harper....that's right Harper and then us.. :) I remember shortly after Harper came home one of my sisters texting me asking if Harper was going to Ky's basketball game. I love that they love her and take the time to stop over and spend with her. What's been neat is watching my sister Ash and her husband Kris. He works 30 minutes from our home but has driven up almost once a week if not more to meet Ash and spend time at our home. I've seen more of my family in the past 30 days then I have in months. Don't get me wrong we are a close family and see each other at least once a week if not more but to have them come over and actually stay for an extended period of time and chat has been welcomed.

     Well I'm steeping tea and getting ready to move into our room for the evening with little miss, but plan on posting more tomorrow about my last two weeks at home with H. I also have many more pictures to post. :)Blessings!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Harper :)

It is with great joy that I get to share that Harper is here! She was born on January 8th at 2:40 pm. She weighed 7 pounds 8 ounces and 20 inches long.

A long awaited kiss!

We prayed for her and she is healthy!

Getting ready to meet her brothers and extended family!

Proud daddy!

Harper and her godmother Carmen!

Getting ready to go home!

     I have so much catching up to do but will start with the day before her birth.  That Monday I ended up running into work for two hours to wrap up a couple of things and get one more adjustment from the chiropractor. Then it was off to lunch with Carmen at one of my favorite restaurants! We ordered flatbread pizzas that were amazing! I ordered a shrimp with smoked Gouda and spinach pizza and Carm ordered a portebello balsamic mushroom pizza. We ended up trying each others and had plenty of left overs but they hit the spot! After lunch we made one last Target run before Harper arrived and then met up with my dad and his wife at their hotel around 2:00. My dad's wife had a few gifts for Harper so we opened them and then headed to pick up the boys from school. They took turns showing my dad and Patty their classrooms, lockers, and introducing them to their teachers. It was was precious. After that we headed home and I made my sub sandwiches before we all packed up and headed to Ky's basketball practice. Afterwards my dad and Patty left and I finished packing and we made a batch of chex mix and my brownies to take with us to the hospital the next morning. I'm not sure how but I was finally able to fall asleep and got a few good hours of sleep before waking up before my alarm at 3:30am.

     I woke up at 3:30 took a shower and got ready. Carm and Chad followed shortly after I did and we were out the door by 4:30.  I asked Chad to pick up a 5lb bag of ice cubes to take with us to the hospital because I knew that was all I could have during the day and don't like the ice cubes the hospital has. Call me crazy but they are AWFUL and I figured since that was all I could have I better buy some that I know will taste ok. So we had two mini coolers with gallon bags full of ice cubes in tow with us. Chad shook his head laughing the whole way but hey if I want ice cubes I'm getting ice cubes while in labor.. :) We checked in to the hospital at 5:01 and headed up to Labor and Delivery. The nurse started my IV and by 6:30 the potecin was running. My OB was running behind but got to the hospital and broke my water at 7:56am. I was at a 2 and had been for the past few weeks.  And as the day progressed I stayed at a two. I told the nurses at the very beginning that when I tell you I'm ready to push I mean I'm ready to push and we don't have time to wait. By 9:30 I asked for Staydol and fell asleep....only after providing a lot of comedy for Chad, Carm, and the two nurses...I've asked Chad and Carm to type up all of the things I said so I can put it in Harper's baby book to remember. I asked for the epidural at 11:30 and fell asleep again. I was still at a two which frustrated me....but when they checked me at 2:19 I had progressed to an 8/9 and was almost ready to go...the nurses were getting ready to leave and at 2:22 I told them to call my OB and that I was ready to push NOW. Poor Chad tried to console me and told me to breathe and just don't push...which of course I had a few things to day in reply..lol.  At 2:28 my OB came flying in and asked if she had time to change into scrubs...I assured her she did not....Four contractions later Harper was born at 2:40.

     It was a joyous moment and I couldn't stop touching her little fingers and kissing her and just making sure she was breathing. My heart melted and our prayers of her arriving safely and healthy were answered.  We did skin on skin for two hours after they did her vitals and checked everything and then at 4:30 they took her back for her bath and a few other things. Chad and Carm went with and took a ton of pictures. I moved over to post pardum and waited for Chad, Carm and Harper to be brought back to our room. I was so happy to take a shower and my sister and her husband brought us awesome salads from a local restaurant that totally hit the spot. Both of our families came that night around 7:00 but before any family came Chad brought the boys in to meet her and we had family time together. All in all it was an amazing day...one I won't forget.  I have so much more to post about the past three weeks! (Yes she was three weeks this Tuesday) but will wrap this post up as I've been working on it for a couple of days in between nursing and loving on Harper. Thank you all for your prayers! You have no idea how much they mean.