" I am the Lord. I change not." Malachi 3:6

Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Day at Home

This morning started off a little rough. Harper was up from 1-3am and then slept until 7.  Normally I sleep like a rock in between feedings but for whatever reason I just had a hard time getting settled after her first feeding.  So when she woke up at 7 I felt like I was walking around the house with one eye open lol. Thankfully once she went back down around 8 I crashed and took a nap while she slept which was WONDERFUL! I woke up refreshed and enjoyed just cuddling with her the rest of the morning.

After lunch I cleaned up the kitchen and cleaned out my fridge which I know sounds boring but was very needed! Since I'm going grocery shopping tomorrow or Sat am I needed to make sure I had everything organized and cleaned up so I know what to put on my list. Speaking of lists I've spent more time today reading my eating clean book and looking at recipes trying to determine what to make the next two weeks.  I'm so pumped and encouraged this week as I continue on my journey to be healthy, get in shape, and set an example for my children.  My trainer, Oscar, had recommend protein powder (http://www.amazon.com/Optimum-Nutrition-Standard-Double-Chocolate/dp/B000QSNYGI)  to use as I add weights to my workout and just for overall wellness. I am excited to order it and add it to my daily menu. The only problem I'm having is determining what flavor to try first..lol. Chad's on board with adding it to his daily menu as well so we shall see how we like it. :) 

After the boys came from school Ky and I played a board game and had a wonderful time together laughing and making a memory.  As I sat across the table from him I looked at him and my heart just melted because while he is only six I felt my heart tense up for a moment as I thought about him growing up SO fast and praying that time will slow down a bit.  As we cleaned up the game and I headed to go get Harper from her bassinet I knocked my water bottle all over the floor.  Bless Kylan's heart he jumped up and said "Mom I got it don't worry" and proceeded to get the paper towels done and cleaned it up for me. I wanted to grab him and just squeeze him in that moment.  I know God is doing great things in his little heart. I only pray as he continues to grow that he will seek God's will for his life and grow to be a man of great faith and love for our Lord.

For dinner tonight I made a clean version of chicken fried rice and tweaked the recipe that I found from Iowa Girl Eats (http://iowagirleats.com/2012/08/23/take-out-fake-out-easy-chicken-fried-rice/) I LOVE IT! And I love having a healthy go to option for chicken fried rice! After dinner I relaxed with Harper for a bit and then headed downstairs to get my workout on. Forty-five minutes later I was exhausted but happy at the same time with my workout. I worked a hard hill and my legs were shaking just a bit as I got off the elliptical but I was happy to get that workout out of the way and call it done!!! :) #gametime!

And now I'm watching American Idol back on DVR and cracking up and Nicki Minaj. I am enjoying listening to Keith Urban's critique and am already picking out my favorites for the season. Tonight we are supposed to get hit with a snow storm and I really hope the snow fall is less than what is being predicted. That being said I know the boys would love to have a snow day tomorrow!

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