" I am the Lord. I change not." Malachi 3:6

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Checking the boxes!

I love making lists! I know they can often be a double edge sword and I've worked harder and not being so hard on myself if my lists don't get completed within x time, BUT it really helps me stay focused on what I need to do for our family, work, projects, etc.  At any given time I could have up to five lists going. What I like about it is that once I write my thoughts down on a list I can "let them go" and don't have to keep track of them in my head. For example...I've had a list for Harper for months...that list has included items needed for her room, baby necessities, art ideas, and baby websites that my girlfriends have given me for references.  I often have a project list going of things around our home I'd like to work on....organize laundry room, put away boys summer clothes, go through Thomas the Train totes and give away to friends, organize Bible study notes...you get the idea. Well this weekend has been both relaxing and productive! Today I woke up and after enjoying my cup of coffee reviewed my lists and talked with Chad about what our plan for the days was going to be. We had a couple of Christmas items that we needed to return, gloves to get for Ky, and a few other misc items.  We took off after breakfast and checked those boxes complete by noon. As we pulled in the driveway Chad had the boys jump in my car while he went and grabbed Harper's car seat so we could see how all three would fit in my car.  Chad has a four door avalanche that has a TON of room in the back and all three fit very comfortably....but I have a Ford Fusion (that I love love) and we weren't sure if the car seat, plus Ky's booster, plus Noah would work or if it would be to tight of a squeeze. Which if they don't all fit well in my car it's not a big deal as we can just use Chad's truck while in town...my car is used for our commutes to and from Chicago and most of our driving but we don't put a lot of miles on either vehicle while in town since we can get from one side to the other in less than 15 minutes tops. That all being said her car seat and the boys fit just fine in my car. So her car seat is now locked in to my car and her stroller is in my truck neatly awaiting her arrival. Check and Check... :)  Since we knew that we would be home the rest of the day we both started working on misc items that we wanted to do around the house. I detest going through mail especially junk mail but I am a freak when it comes to shredding everything. So I usually let my mail bin pile up and when it is ready to overflow I go through everything file it and shred. It's funny because every time that I do this I promise myself to do better and go through it multiple times during the week...does it ever happen? Nope...since I do everything online and have spreadsheets that I work off of I don't have a need to really touch the items that come in and I always check the mail every day and filter out the items that require attention or are from friends and family...SO today was the day and I sat with my lovely shredder and shredded my little heart out and filed and reorganized my coupon pouch.

While I was busy with that project Chad brought up three totes that we've had in our laundry/storage room for the past two years that are full of Thomas the Train and Geo Track Train sets. When the boys were toddlers they LOVED trains and their papa collects them and has a huge track that takes up a big part of his basement. Needless to say by the time they were two we had a large train table and trains galore. It was a worthwhile investment as the boys played with them for years and made so many memories with them. But they have since retired to our storage room for us to decide what to do with them.  We have a large play room for the kids and it's always been my goal to keep a couple of totes of infant/toddler toys so that when my girlfriends come over with their babies of different ages I have something for them and when my sisters have kids I'll have items for them to play with. That being said now that we are having a little girl I know we don't need to keep everything the boys had.  The neat thing is my sister's good friend has a 20 month old that loves trains and so we decided to separate the three totes into two big ones and give one to her and the other either to my girlfriend from Alaska, Dawn, or if she's not interested we will hold onto.  After Chad loaded the truck with the large tote I took it over to L's house and her son was so precious!! As soon as her husband opened the tote he squealed and was talking non stop about them. I know they will get a lot of use and enjoyment and that melts my heart. It was so precious though because when Chad brought up the totes Kylan had a little melt down and didn't understand why were giving them away and said he wanted them to play with.  It was a great opportunity for me to sit with both boys and talk to them about how God calls us to share with others and not to be selfish.  We talked about blessing others and praying that God would lay opportunities on our hearts.  Ky and Noah took it all in and nodded their heads..they Ky got up and started to help Chad organize things and talked about how the little boys would like them. I'm thankful for the opportunity God presented for me to talk with them about giving and hope as they grow older they will remember to give and use the gifts that God has blessed them with.

This week will be a busy one....with a work day tomorrow, then a day off, then three last days of work I anticipate the email will be busy and conference calls with be many but I'm excited that the end is in sight!! VERY EXCITED!!!  We don't have any plans for NYE as our dear friends who we normally enjoy NYE with are having their baby girl on Friday...so it will be a welcomed pj night in and most likely I will crash by nine..I don't remember the last time I saw midnight....unless you count the times I get up due to insomnia..haha. Well I'm going to tuck the boys in and relax with the hubs for a bit. Blessings!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas, single digits, relaxing

It's hard to believe that Christmas has come and gone!  The month of December has flown by, but we took the opportunity to enjoy every minute of it!A normal Christmas for us is traveling to Chicago to have our Chicago Christmas which is usually a week or two before Christmas with our family there. We also rotate spending Christmas afternoon with either my family or my in laws and then whose ever off year it is we spend Christmas Eve with or the weekend before or after...whatever is easiest.  Because I'm nine months pregnant and due any day now we opted not to travel to Chicago or anywhere that was more than 20 minutes away.  I am so nervous about my water breaking on it's own (even though it probably won't) and being far from the hospital.  The great thing is that my family from Chicago came up the Saturday before Christmas to celebrate and my sister hosted. It was fantastic and so nice not to have to cook or clean. :) We had a wonderful time catching up and laughing a lot.  Sunday we celebrated Christmas with Chad's family which went well...we went over there around ten and the boys and I went in pjs which I loved. Christmas Eve we planned on going to church but I was pretty uncomfortable so we decided to stay home. I was bummed because we are usually at a family's members home on Christmas Eve and aren't able to go to Christmas Eve service but I'm glad we stayed home and just relaxed as a family. We enjoyed a quiet night in our media room watching Charlie Brown Christmas and Noah wrote a letter to Santa which was precious.

The boys' tree in their room

I love having the Christmas tree up!
He read it to me three times just to make sure it "sounded ok"... The boys wanted to put milk and captain crunch under the Christmas tree in their room for Santa and I was not about to object. :) They went to bed reluctantly and snuck out moments after we closed the door just to do one last bathroom stop. Chad and I couldn't help laughing because we remember how excited we were when we were little.....not that allot has changed for me as I still have a hard time sleeping on Christmas Eve because I just love Christmas morning/day!  After we finished the stockings and set out all of the Santa gifts we crashed. Ky came running in at 1am to let me know that the cereal and milk were gone and that Santa had left two skylanders for them under the tree in their room. He then went back to bed and both boys came flying in a 4am. Noah informed me that he peaked out in the family room and that Santa had neatly organized our stockings and they were stuffed. I told them they had to go back to bed...which didn't last long because at 5am Noah came in asking for a timer because it was so hard to wait. I gave him my cell and told him he could come back at 5:30 and we would get up.  Chad and I were both awake at this point and we listened to them each read a book in their beds while they were waiting. And sure enough at 5:30 they came running in and were ready to go. We enjoyed opening gifts and helping them get things organized. By 6:31(yes i checked my clock) I was back in bed and fell asleep for a couple of hours. When I woke up we made our traditional cinnamon rolls and stayed home until 1:30. We then packed up and headed over to my moms and celebrated Christmas with my family which is always entertaining.  All in all this Christmas was relaxing and full of laughs and love. Our last Christmas as a family of four!

Speaking of as I looked at my counter today I realized we have approached the single digits until Harper is here. It's hard to believe I only have four days left of work, my dad and his wife fly in on Friday and my best friend Carm flys in on Sunday.  As I looked at my work planner this week I realized I needed to block my calendar off for the next few months and that I really only have four working days left!!! I'm so excited and blessed to have made it this far in my pregnancy and know God's hand has been over this whole experience. I have to be honest and share that this past week was a rather rough one for me because my heart was very anxious again and I feel rather emotional just waiting for her to come. I think it's because memories are flooding back and I just want her here and to know she is healthy and ok.  It was "perfect timing" because Thursday night I decided to pick up the book Unglued that I've been reading (by Lysa Terkerust) and just happened to start where I left of and the whole section talked about being anxious and joyful and I knew that God was speaking to my heart once again.

Friday we all went and had our annual eye exams. It was the first time we've taken the boys and they were so cute talking about their impending appts. Ky found these play glasses and wore them around the house all day. Totally cracked us up especially the look on Noah's face behind him. :) I just love my little men and can't believe they will both be big brothers sooner than later!! After our eye exams we took the boys over to my mom's to spend the night and went on our last pre Harper date. We had a wonderful time eating at our favorite Chinese restaurant and truly enjoyed our night out together. Before dinner we did one last run to Home Depot and Sam's Club and decided to save Target and Toy's R US for another day.  After dinner we picked up Bourne Legacy and headed home to watch it.  It was a great way to end a wonderful week.

Today has been full of relaxing! I woke up early and was determined to complete my last menu before Harper comes and headed out to the grocery store to do my big two week run.  And I'm happy to say it was a success..my water did NOT break in aisle five (one of my fears) and I made it home just in time for Chad to unload his truck while I organized the pantry and started to put things away. After breakfast Chad went and picked up the boys and took them sledding with his sister. I'm really glad they were able to get some energy out and spend time outside! I invited one of my students who I used to teach in youth group over for coffee....yep I taught her when she was in 6th grade and she is now a sophomore in high school!! I feel a little old....but love that I can still be involved in her life and catch up with her while she is home. After she left I took a nap and spent a better part of the afternoon cuddled up on the couch with my favorite sweatshirt blanket reading the rest of Unglued and enjoying being still. I'm praying that over the next week I am able to finish my to do list both for home and work but also balance quiet time and soak up these last few days of being pregnant with Harper before she is here. I am overwhelmed and thankful that God is blessing us with her and can't wait to hold her in my arms.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

18 days, snowfall, and rest

This month has flown by! I can't believe Christmas is literally around the corner and right after that is Harper's birthday! It truly feels like yesterday when I took four pregnancy tests at 4am ran to the store bought more and cornered Chad by the kitchen door to share our joyful news! How the time has flown! Even more so how many lessons God has taught us along this season in our lives.  I'm in awe of God's faithfulness, his patience, and love He has for our daughter and us. It's humbling and life changing.  I knew going into this pregnancy that it would probably be hard since the last thing I have to compare it too is Mason.  And I was right it has been and at times it's been harder than I ever dreamed, but folded into these eight months have been many moments of happy tears, pure joy, love, renewed strength, and awe. Awe at a God who has given Chad and I a precious daughter to love and parent. I am so thankful that we have another opportunity to parent and add to our family that is growing! We are thrilled. And as she has grown in my belly I've enjoyed sitting at home feeling her kick, turn, poke, and hiccup. It's been one of my favorite parts of this whole experience. Last weekend we finished her nursery. I color coded her clothes, separated them by size and placed them in her dresser.  And sat there and thumbed through each drawer just thinking about dressing her in them and the memories that are about to happen. A season that is about to start and life that is just beginning, a family that will be forever changed.

I would be lying if I said I wasn't anxious at times. Especially the last two weeks....there have been moments where I've had to catch my breath and pray and ask God for peace and grace to get through the day. As I look at my countdown app every day and the numbers get smaller I found/find myself anxious to meet her, to count her toes, hear her cry, and hold her in my arms. It's getting so close but at times it seems to very far away! I've chosen those moments to grab tight to scripture and repeat it over and over and that's helped alot.  Eighteen days ago I was enjoying Christmas decor in our home, Christmas shopping, coffee time with girlfriends and 18 days from now (if not sooner) our daughter will be here. It's amazing.  And I can't wait to meet her.

Yesterday while looking at the weather I saw that we were due for a blizzard and decided to work later than usual and wrap up as much at the office as I could and pack up for Christmas. I'm so glad I did! This morning we had snow, then rain, then blizzard winds and more snow. And from the comfort of our home I watched as we were enveloped in white snow. We decided to keep the boys home from school today as I was nervous about the roads and by mid afternoon was glad that we did.  I love watching the snow fall and even looking out at the snow covered trees and horizon...I'm not such a big fan of shoveling or driving in it but luckily I don't have to shovel and am content staying put the next day or so. Resting is not something that I do well or often because I love to go go go! I love to check off lists, enjoy coffee with friends, or explore new things with the boys and Chad. But lately I have relished in just resting and am taking full advantage of it. Normally we do a lot of traveling around Christmas but this year we are staying close to home for obvious reasons and it's been great. I've enjoyed naps on the weekend, reading magazines, and finishing up my check lists. :)  I know sooner than later my days of resting will change to days of diapers, nursing, and loving on Harper. And I can't wait!

Tomorrow I turn 31 which I will be honest..I'm starting to feel old but I'm thankful for another year of life and all that my year of 30 brought. My plan for tomorrow is to make one of my favorite meals, watch a Christmas movie with the fam and enjoy some hot chocolate and cuddling with the hubs. He was so precious and wanted to take me out somewhere, but I'll be honest and share that staying home and enjoying a home cooked meal around our table sounds just perfect this year.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Impromtu dinners & Philippians 4:6

Yesterday was a fun filled day! It started off early with Ky's basketball game. Ash and Kris came to watch him as did Kallio and the rest of our fam. We had a lot of great laughs watching these little kids play. One of the boys from the opposing team made a basket at the very end of a quarter and jumped up into another players arms and was high fiving each other and their team came flying off the bench to congratulate him. You would have thought they won the NBA finals. It was precious. After the game we headed over to the club to watch Noah's tennis lessons and Ash and Kris followed and Nena joined us shortly as well. They had a blast watching Noah and Noah enjoyed the extra attention. Afterwards we all headed over to BW3's for lunch and enjoyed some boneless wings, more laughs, and a few tears by Ky. Nena gave each of the boys three dollars to try and win a toy from one of those games that you have to pull the toy with the metal arms. Noah won a Green Bay Packer teddy bear and Ky came back empty handed and was a mess.  We talked through it with him but it took him a while to regain his composure.  It was wonderful to enjoy lunch with family!

After lunch we headed home and while the boys were getting cleaned up the electrician stopped by to look at Harper's room. We want to install a ceiling fan with a dimmer in her room but neither Chad nor I know the first thing on what needs to be done.  Luckily the electrician we know is great and he walked us through the supplies we need to purchase and he is going to come back on Friday and take care of it for us!! Yeah one more things almost off my list. Chad and I need to run to both stores today and compare the two fans we have it narrowed down to and pick one. Have I mentioned that we've looked at fans probably 6 times already.. :)

When the boys were done getting cleaned up Chad took them over to his parents to frost cookies. It's something they do with them every year and always have a blast. I headed over to the spa for a massage and enjoyed it. I normally get a massage once a month to help work out the stress in my shoulders and neck as that is where it goes, however I stopped getting them month two into my pregnancy. Since things have been going better and I'm far enough along I decided to give one a try. I will tell you that in the beginning it was a little awkward using the prego pillow and headrest that went with it and I was hot in a matter of minutes because they had the heater on the table and blankets and yeah I think I was like 115 degrees lol. Luckily my massage therapist is awesome and we got rid of the prego pillow and I moved to my side and cooled off a ton! The hour went by so fast though but in the end was enjoyable. We planned on going to church last night and were going to pick up the boys on our way, but Mich called shortly after I left the spa and invited us over for an impromptu dinner.  Mich is pregnant with a little girl and will have her four days before I have Harper. We are so excited to be on leave together and experience this next season in tandem with one another! That being said Chad and I knew this would probably be our last chance to have family time with them before the babies come since we move into Christmas mode next week.  While I was disappointed at missing church I knew we would make some great memories with Mich, Craig, and C and we did. We ordered this amazing new pizza that was to die for!!! Mich and I split a pizza..her half was jalapeno popper and mine was mac and cheese. We ordered cheese for the kids and a meat for the guys. It totally hit the spot! The boys played together so well! They wasted no time in going downstairs and using their imaginations for hours! We adults enjoyed our time upstairs catching up and listening to the boys giggle and run around.. it was great! Mich and I spent time in L's nursery looking at things and then in her office as I've become her unofficial decorator. ;) We then scoped out etsy and a few other sights looking for a few pieces to fill in some gaps. And before we knew it the time was 9:30 and our kids were WAY past their bedtime. But it was so worth it and just a fantastic night!!

The boys crashed as soon as we got home and I of course was wide awake. Chad is always on call with his job and even though he was secondary this week his phone started ringing at 11:00 pm. Double Ugh! I had a hard time falling asleep and woke up a ton..not that there is anything new or surprising about that. But then around 2 when I woke up I started to get anxious. Harper has been quieter than usual and I started to concentrate on her movements and when there weren't a ton I got up and grabbed some orange juice and started to move around hoping to initiate anything. And she did kick and move around but I can tell that my heart is anxious and if I'm being honest a little scared. When I think about how close we are to having her I'm beyond excited but there is a small part of me that is anxious and scared that something bad is going to happen and I want her here so I know she's ok.  So then I looked up this verse in scripture and prayed over it for quite some time:

Philippians 4:6 (NIV)

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.

I'm thankful that I can take my worries before the cross and leave them there. 

After a relaxing morning in pjs I'm trying to decide what I want to work on and what I don't. Luckily we don't have to be anywhere today and can just chill at home as a family!

Saturday, December 8, 2012


I have to say that this pregnancy has been full of many sleepless nights including this one. And to be honest they don't bother me a whole lot because I've had insomnia for years, however I feel like it's only gotten worse over the last 8.5 months. I think part of it is that I can't get my brain to shut off and or when I get up to go to the bathroom (which seems to be almost every hour these days) I start thinking again about things I want to do, or Harper, or her room, or the boys, or 1000 other things. And my routine is usually the same. I lay there and turn side to side and pray that I will fall back asleep and when I can't I grab my phone or one of Chad's if mine is dead and read hoping that will make me tired. And if that doesn't work then I get up and start walking around and doing something. Sometimes it's changing laundry, or dishes, or cleaning out closets.  Tonight it was walking into Harper's room and looking at her bookshelf that just came yesterday and picking up her diaper bag and other new items and just looking at them.  I can't believe she will be here in on a few weeks. The time has flown by so fast and now I sit with anticipation of holding her, counting her fingers and toes, looking at her tiny face, and just loving on her.  I can't wait. I told Chad that I know I won't mind the sleepless nights to come because I will have her to keep me company and will cherish every moment awake with her. I think that I'll even sleep better once she's here...but I'll keep you posted on that one. For now I'm going to catch up on some blog reading and hopefully head back to bed. Tomorrow is another busy but fun day!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

A sneak peak!!

I am so excited to share that yesterday we had the opportunity to go up to Madison and have our 3D/4D ultrasound done of Harper. It was amazing! I was really bummed last week when the office called and canceled because their machine broke. BUT God's timing is perfect and I know now why it happened the way it did. Heidi, the owner, was the one who rescheduled our appointment and was able to get us in last night after work. Because of the original inconvenience she upgraded our package and no charge...and then some. Our session was only supposed to be for 30 minutes and we were to leave with 4 pictures, and 8x10 and a cd with a few more images. We arrived a little early because we weren't sure about traffic and she got us in right away. What started off as a 30 minute session turned into two hours of her spending with us and working so hard to get great shots of little miss. We talked quite a bit and I was able to share Mason's story and what a miracle Harper is for us. Not only could I just stare at Harper all day via the 3D/4D ultrasound but it made me even more excited(if that's possible.. :)..) for her to be born so I can hold her in my arms. We left with a CD of 62 shots, a gift certificate for a free newborn photo shoot with a photographer that partners with her company, and an invite to come back next week or the following to see if she can get some more shots. A God moment? Absolutely Yes! Here are a few of my favorites!

I think she looks a lot like Ky in this picture!

Needless to say I had a really hard time falling asleep last night because I kep scrolling through all of them in complete awe and how amazing life is. And to think that in 33 days or less she will be here is just awesome.

We continue to have boxes delivered with the last few items on our Harper list. Today her bookshelf was delivered, which Chad is putting together now. And yesterday her curtains, car seat cover, and memory book came. I can't wait to get started on that this weekend and try and get caught up!

I'm also looking forward to a very much needed massage on Saturday after the boys finish their sporting events. I normally try and get one once a month as I carry all of my stress in my upper shoulders and neck but since my first trimester I have stopped going as I didn't want to take any risks with massage therapy. But since things have been going better I feel ok getting one now and am so excited for some much needed massage relaxation!  Tomorrow I am baking cookies for a cookie walk at our church on Saturday and am praying between now and then I get a second wind. :)

Sunday, December 2, 2012

34 Weeks, Canceled, and Lists

     It's amazing to me that in 36 days our sweet baby girl will be here! Granted she could come on her own before then and while I wouldn't mind at all because we are so excited to hold her I want her to stay put as long as possible so her chances of any complications are minimal. I'm also trying to prepare myself mentally that there's a small chance I might have to wait an extra day or two in the event the delivery ward fills up and they don't have a room for me. Granted the chances of this happening are small but being the "slight" control freak that I am I know I should prepare myself so I don't freak out if things doing go who I want them to.  I'm sitting on my couch laughing even as I'm typing this knowing full well God has control over this who pregnancy and I have NADA at least when it comes to Miss Harper's arrival date.  He knows all of her days and I need to be still....which at this moment is great because I'm tired!

     This past Thursday we were scheduled to have our 3D/4D ultrasound and I've been counting down the days! While on a conference call I saw a Madison number beep in and just had a feeling something happened. I called them as soon as I got off of my call and sure enough their machine broke and wouldn't be fixed by the time we were scheduled for our appt. I was bummed...beyond bummed as I couldn't 't wait to see her little face and anything else they could show us.  They've assured us that they should get us in by this Wednesday and are even upgrading our package at no charge.  While that is great the waiting is not my favorite thing to do. :)

     I'm going to lie I LOVE lists! I have a list for just about everything and it helps me stay on track.  For example I am menu planning mama.  I menu plan two weeks at a time and go big shopping twice a month on Saturdays usually between 4:45-5:30 am.  I love it..the grocery store is usually empty aside from the stockers who I say hi too and some often ask what I'm making. :)  I love the tranquility of a quiet grocery store. I know it sounds corny and ridiculous but I have my routine down to a science. I go in normally in yoga pants and a sweatshirt sans make up, cup of coffee in hand, and headphones on with music and I start at the same place and go the same route every time.  I love trying to see how low I can keep my bill and always guess before they start ringing what it's going to come out to. I have to say I'm not usually too far off.  With Harper and Christmas coming I've had a Harper to do list for months and have been busy crossing things off. This past week it received a lot of attention and I'm happy to say we are down to four items!!

     I've also had Christmas cards on my list for the past week and a half.  In years past I've made them by hand and spent hours with girlfriends around the table stamping, folding, writing, etc.  Until last year...I was introduced to Shutterfly and it changed my life! I love it! With preparation and time I click together my card and order them. Done and Done! This year I knew without a doubt I was going to use Shutterfly to make them.  And they turned out great!! I will post them here soon, but want to get them in the mail first to see how they look up close.  What I was really excited about today when I went to their website was their sales! Oh my goodness talk about great deals! For starts the Christmas Cards were 40% off, shipping for orders $30 or more free, and calendars 40%. How awesome! On top of that I had a $20 coupon code from the Baby Center. 

     While I finished Christmas shopping on Nov 2nd. I realized this week that I hadn't purchased anything for my dad and his wife and my brother.  Yikes! My dad is really hard to buy for. He works in Africa 9 months out of the year and while there doesn't have the space for anything other than the containers that he brings.  And at home in Florida he and his wife have everything they need.  So when I logged on to Shutterfly to start looking at Christmas cards and saw calendars were on sale a light bulb went off!!! I am embarrassed to say that I am HORRIBLE at printing off pictures after we take them.  I'm great at loading them as soon as we get home, but I'm awful about sending them away to get printed and usually they accumulate ALL year! Yep no joke.  And this year was no exception. Last year as part of the boys and our Christmas present my dad and his wife treated us to a day at Disney World. We had plans to go there for three and invited them to join us. In doing so they saw it as an opportunity to bless us, which they did and I have failed miserably at getting around to printing off pictures and sending them.  Until today! I spent from 9:00 am- 2:00pm organizing picture folders and making a beautiful calendar for my dad and his wife.  I loved it so much I almost ordered one for us.  I showed Chad and he loved it and said he wish he would have thought of that for his parents.  Since we've been done shopping for them I thought about it for a minute but then decided to go ahead and just make them one anyway.  And why stop a good thing?! I found a great template for my brother who is 22 and know it will look manly in his apartment and went to town.  After completing all three calendars I was pleased and put the rest of my order together.  When I was up from 3:00-4:15 this morning I went around our home and made a list of all of pictures/frames that need to be freshened up and 46 prints later we are on our way! Granted only a fraction of those will go up in our home. The rest will be shared between Chad and I for our offices and I printed off enough to put together a Disney album for the boys.  So at the end of this project I saved $66 and was thrilled!! A small victory for the hours I spent looking at pictures, being creative and thinking of captions to put on the calendars.  :)

The end of my weekend list consisted of Murphy's oiling our closet floor and Harper's room before her furniture gets here this week.... And that got moved to tomorrow or next weekend..not sure which. Maybe I'll find my second wind at 3am and tackle it, but right now I'm tired and going to spend the rest of the evening just hanging out with the boys and Chad.  It has been gorgeous here this weekend so they spent a couple of hours outside playing basketball, soccer, and tag.  I sat outside for a bit but now that it's dark we are all in relaxing. 

Relaxing at looking at etsy go hand in hand...so much so that I FINALLY after months of hemming and hawing decided on what leggings I want for Harper. So I sat down and ordered them and now can't wait for them to get here! I hope they look as cute on as they sound! Below is just a pick from the shop. I was able to pick/mix and match ten different color/styles.

Pick any regular 10 baby legs baby leggings for 50

In addition I've been searching for a head band to go with this gorgeous dress my sister in law bought for Harper! It has black lace from the waist up and waist down is gold satin. It has a little bit of tulle underneath and is breathtaking. She bought it in size 0-3 months so she can wear it right away. And while I haven't loaded a picture of it yet (will add that to my list.. :) I did take a pic of the bow I found and think it will match perfectly!!

Holiday Gold and Black Satin Fabric Flower  on Golden Beige Elastic Headband with Rhinestones - Christmas, Newborn, Infant, Baby, Toddler

I'll be sure to post a pic of the dress soon and once Harper gets here and wears it a life shot for sure! :)
I'm off to make some tea and cuddle with the boys. (If they let me lol)