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Sunday, December 2, 2012

34 Weeks, Canceled, and Lists

     It's amazing to me that in 36 days our sweet baby girl will be here! Granted she could come on her own before then and while I wouldn't mind at all because we are so excited to hold her I want her to stay put as long as possible so her chances of any complications are minimal. I'm also trying to prepare myself mentally that there's a small chance I might have to wait an extra day or two in the event the delivery ward fills up and they don't have a room for me. Granted the chances of this happening are small but being the "slight" control freak that I am I know I should prepare myself so I don't freak out if things doing go who I want them to.  I'm sitting on my couch laughing even as I'm typing this knowing full well God has control over this who pregnancy and I have NADA at least when it comes to Miss Harper's arrival date.  He knows all of her days and I need to be still....which at this moment is great because I'm tired!

     This past Thursday we were scheduled to have our 3D/4D ultrasound and I've been counting down the days! While on a conference call I saw a Madison number beep in and just had a feeling something happened. I called them as soon as I got off of my call and sure enough their machine broke and wouldn't be fixed by the time we were scheduled for our appt. I was bummed...beyond bummed as I couldn't 't wait to see her little face and anything else they could show us.  They've assured us that they should get us in by this Wednesday and are even upgrading our package at no charge.  While that is great the waiting is not my favorite thing to do. :)

     I'm going to lie I LOVE lists! I have a list for just about everything and it helps me stay on track.  For example I am menu planning mama.  I menu plan two weeks at a time and go big shopping twice a month on Saturdays usually between 4:45-5:30 am.  I love it..the grocery store is usually empty aside from the stockers who I say hi too and some often ask what I'm making. :)  I love the tranquility of a quiet grocery store. I know it sounds corny and ridiculous but I have my routine down to a science. I go in normally in yoga pants and a sweatshirt sans make up, cup of coffee in hand, and headphones on with music and I start at the same place and go the same route every time.  I love trying to see how low I can keep my bill and always guess before they start ringing what it's going to come out to. I have to say I'm not usually too far off.  With Harper and Christmas coming I've had a Harper to do list for months and have been busy crossing things off. This past week it received a lot of attention and I'm happy to say we are down to four items!!

     I've also had Christmas cards on my list for the past week and a half.  In years past I've made them by hand and spent hours with girlfriends around the table stamping, folding, writing, etc.  Until last year...I was introduced to Shutterfly and it changed my life! I love it! With preparation and time I click together my card and order them. Done and Done! This year I knew without a doubt I was going to use Shutterfly to make them.  And they turned out great!! I will post them here soon, but want to get them in the mail first to see how they look up close.  What I was really excited about today when I went to their website was their sales! Oh my goodness talk about great deals! For starts the Christmas Cards were 40% off, shipping for orders $30 or more free, and calendars 40%. How awesome! On top of that I had a $20 coupon code from the Baby Center. 

     While I finished Christmas shopping on Nov 2nd. I realized this week that I hadn't purchased anything for my dad and his wife and my brother.  Yikes! My dad is really hard to buy for. He works in Africa 9 months out of the year and while there doesn't have the space for anything other than the containers that he brings.  And at home in Florida he and his wife have everything they need.  So when I logged on to Shutterfly to start looking at Christmas cards and saw calendars were on sale a light bulb went off!!! I am embarrassed to say that I am HORRIBLE at printing off pictures after we take them.  I'm great at loading them as soon as we get home, but I'm awful about sending them away to get printed and usually they accumulate ALL year! Yep no joke.  And this year was no exception. Last year as part of the boys and our Christmas present my dad and his wife treated us to a day at Disney World. We had plans to go there for three and invited them to join us. In doing so they saw it as an opportunity to bless us, which they did and I have failed miserably at getting around to printing off pictures and sending them.  Until today! I spent from 9:00 am- 2:00pm organizing picture folders and making a beautiful calendar for my dad and his wife.  I loved it so much I almost ordered one for us.  I showed Chad and he loved it and said he wish he would have thought of that for his parents.  Since we've been done shopping for them I thought about it for a minute but then decided to go ahead and just make them one anyway.  And why stop a good thing?! I found a great template for my brother who is 22 and know it will look manly in his apartment and went to town.  After completing all three calendars I was pleased and put the rest of my order together.  When I was up from 3:00-4:15 this morning I went around our home and made a list of all of pictures/frames that need to be freshened up and 46 prints later we are on our way! Granted only a fraction of those will go up in our home. The rest will be shared between Chad and I for our offices and I printed off enough to put together a Disney album for the boys.  So at the end of this project I saved $66 and was thrilled!! A small victory for the hours I spent looking at pictures, being creative and thinking of captions to put on the calendars.  :)

The end of my weekend list consisted of Murphy's oiling our closet floor and Harper's room before her furniture gets here this week.... And that got moved to tomorrow or next weekend..not sure which. Maybe I'll find my second wind at 3am and tackle it, but right now I'm tired and going to spend the rest of the evening just hanging out with the boys and Chad.  It has been gorgeous here this weekend so they spent a couple of hours outside playing basketball, soccer, and tag.  I sat outside for a bit but now that it's dark we are all in relaxing. 

Relaxing at looking at etsy go hand in hand...so much so that I FINALLY after months of hemming and hawing decided on what leggings I want for Harper. So I sat down and ordered them and now can't wait for them to get here! I hope they look as cute on as they sound! Below is just a pick from the shop. I was able to pick/mix and match ten different color/styles.

Pick any regular 10 baby legs baby leggings for 50

In addition I've been searching for a head band to go with this gorgeous dress my sister in law bought for Harper! It has black lace from the waist up and waist down is gold satin. It has a little bit of tulle underneath and is breathtaking. She bought it in size 0-3 months so she can wear it right away. And while I haven't loaded a picture of it yet (will add that to my list.. :) I did take a pic of the bow I found and think it will match perfectly!!

Holiday Gold and Black Satin Fabric Flower  on Golden Beige Elastic Headband with Rhinestones - Christmas, Newborn, Infant, Baby, Toddler

I'll be sure to post a pic of the dress soon and once Harper gets here and wears it a life shot for sure! :)
I'm off to make some tea and cuddle with the boys. (If they let me lol)

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