" I am the Lord. I change not." Malachi 3:6

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Impromtu dinners & Philippians 4:6

Yesterday was a fun filled day! It started off early with Ky's basketball game. Ash and Kris came to watch him as did Kallio and the rest of our fam. We had a lot of great laughs watching these little kids play. One of the boys from the opposing team made a basket at the very end of a quarter and jumped up into another players arms and was high fiving each other and their team came flying off the bench to congratulate him. You would have thought they won the NBA finals. It was precious. After the game we headed over to the club to watch Noah's tennis lessons and Ash and Kris followed and Nena joined us shortly as well. They had a blast watching Noah and Noah enjoyed the extra attention. Afterwards we all headed over to BW3's for lunch and enjoyed some boneless wings, more laughs, and a few tears by Ky. Nena gave each of the boys three dollars to try and win a toy from one of those games that you have to pull the toy with the metal arms. Noah won a Green Bay Packer teddy bear and Ky came back empty handed and was a mess.  We talked through it with him but it took him a while to regain his composure.  It was wonderful to enjoy lunch with family!

After lunch we headed home and while the boys were getting cleaned up the electrician stopped by to look at Harper's room. We want to install a ceiling fan with a dimmer in her room but neither Chad nor I know the first thing on what needs to be done.  Luckily the electrician we know is great and he walked us through the supplies we need to purchase and he is going to come back on Friday and take care of it for us!! Yeah one more things almost off my list. Chad and I need to run to both stores today and compare the two fans we have it narrowed down to and pick one. Have I mentioned that we've looked at fans probably 6 times already.. :)

When the boys were done getting cleaned up Chad took them over to his parents to frost cookies. It's something they do with them every year and always have a blast. I headed over to the spa for a massage and enjoyed it. I normally get a massage once a month to help work out the stress in my shoulders and neck as that is where it goes, however I stopped getting them month two into my pregnancy. Since things have been going better and I'm far enough along I decided to give one a try. I will tell you that in the beginning it was a little awkward using the prego pillow and headrest that went with it and I was hot in a matter of minutes because they had the heater on the table and blankets and yeah I think I was like 115 degrees lol. Luckily my massage therapist is awesome and we got rid of the prego pillow and I moved to my side and cooled off a ton! The hour went by so fast though but in the end was enjoyable. We planned on going to church last night and were going to pick up the boys on our way, but Mich called shortly after I left the spa and invited us over for an impromptu dinner.  Mich is pregnant with a little girl and will have her four days before I have Harper. We are so excited to be on leave together and experience this next season in tandem with one another! That being said Chad and I knew this would probably be our last chance to have family time with them before the babies come since we move into Christmas mode next week.  While I was disappointed at missing church I knew we would make some great memories with Mich, Craig, and C and we did. We ordered this amazing new pizza that was to die for!!! Mich and I split a pizza..her half was jalapeno popper and mine was mac and cheese. We ordered cheese for the kids and a meat for the guys. It totally hit the spot! The boys played together so well! They wasted no time in going downstairs and using their imaginations for hours! We adults enjoyed our time upstairs catching up and listening to the boys giggle and run around.. it was great! Mich and I spent time in L's nursery looking at things and then in her office as I've become her unofficial decorator. ;) We then scoped out etsy and a few other sights looking for a few pieces to fill in some gaps. And before we knew it the time was 9:30 and our kids were WAY past their bedtime. But it was so worth it and just a fantastic night!!

The boys crashed as soon as we got home and I of course was wide awake. Chad is always on call with his job and even though he was secondary this week his phone started ringing at 11:00 pm. Double Ugh! I had a hard time falling asleep and woke up a ton..not that there is anything new or surprising about that. But then around 2 when I woke up I started to get anxious. Harper has been quieter than usual and I started to concentrate on her movements and when there weren't a ton I got up and grabbed some orange juice and started to move around hoping to initiate anything. And she did kick and move around but I can tell that my heart is anxious and if I'm being honest a little scared. When I think about how close we are to having her I'm beyond excited but there is a small part of me that is anxious and scared that something bad is going to happen and I want her here so I know she's ok.  So then I looked up this verse in scripture and prayed over it for quite some time:

Philippians 4:6 (NIV)

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.

I'm thankful that I can take my worries before the cross and leave them there. 

After a relaxing morning in pjs I'm trying to decide what I want to work on and what I don't. Luckily we don't have to be anywhere today and can just chill at home as a family!

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