" I am the Lord. I change not." Malachi 3:6

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Family Time!

There is nothing more I enjoy doing than spending time with Chad and the boys. When Friday gets around I can't leave my office in the city fast enough. This week was no exception, but I was actually able to head out to my car at 3:00. This is a rarity and I'll take it! Chad is indecisive and I'm usually laid back about dinner plans unless there is something specific that I want. We spent a good 20 minutes talking while I was driving deciding if we wanted to eat in or go out as a family. As I pulled off the interstate and was almost home, Chad called and suggested we go out on a dinner date just the two of us. I was so excited! We had a wonderful time talking, catching up on our work week, and deciding what we wanted to do Sat and Sun. After dinner he went to his parents to play games with the boys and his sister, and I headed over to my girlfriend Mich's house for a wine night. I was able to love on her little man C for a few minutes before he went to bed and then the girl time started. Usually once a month we enjoy our wine nights...we both LOVE red wine (she and I went to Napa last year) and enjoy opening a bottle and talking for hours! We usually end up talking until the wee hours of the morning and usually stop around 2am for a mac and cheese snack or hummus and wheat thins. I am blessed...truly. Opening up to my friends has always been hard but Mich is the first person here that I've been able to do just that. And it's been a blessing. I often refer to her as my "person". She knows me through and through and I know that I can trust her with my deepest thoughts and fears. This Friday though we were both exhausted from busy work weeks so we made it until 10:30 and then I crashed in the mimi suite. :) I got up at 5:00 am which is my norm and headed home. The boys were supposed to have a soccer game but due to the cold weather and rain it was canceled...I actually smiled for a minute at the thought of "sleeping in". We woke up and I made a nice breakfast and we had a great time just chatting with the boys. I headed to the spa for a much needed massage and Chad got the boys ready for the day. We have mysteriously lost four of there sweatshirts and I have no idea how!!! That being said I was determined to find them or buy new ones this weekend....so we headed out to one of my favorite outlets and did some shopping. The boys were great and had fun picking out new shoes and a pair of crocs. They just love crocs! I'm pretty sure I spent almost as much on the croc charms as I did the shoes but its a special treat for them. I found a couple cute tops at Ann Taylors and our trip woulnd't be complete without a stop at Harry & David's for truffles...dangerous I know. By the time we finished shopping it was almost six and we were starving as we skipped lunch since we have a late breakfast. Chad has been wanting a good pizza...and we decided to stop by this famous hidden pizza shop that isn't far from our home. We've never been there before but it was on the food channel a couple of years ago. And it is beyond AMAZING!!! The pizza reminded me of my favorite Chicago style pizza...fresh ingredients, sauce was amazing, and the wine that they offered to pair with it was out of this world. The owners were so kind..they forgot out cheese bread and made thin crust instead of thick, but we LOVED the thin and they gave us free cheesecake slices to go..yum! I can't wait to go back and know that we will become frequent customers as I don't know that I will want to buy any other pizza moving forward. :) The boys asked to ice cream all day so we ended our fun day out with a trip to Cold Stone...and enjoyed ice cream galor. I LOVE their mud pic mojo....ahh coffee ice cream...yes please. The boys piled into bed when we got home and Chad and I watched the movie Dear John. I am a huge fan of Channing Tatum's and wanted to watch the movie when it came out years ago but after reading the last page of the book prior to the movie coming up decided i wasn't going to read the book or watch the movie. It just so happened to be on TV last night and we watched it and I loved it! It was so much better than I thought it would be and the ending was better then I thought. I thought it would end saddly which is why I didn't want to watch it to begin with. I was pleantly suprised. Which brings us to Sunday. I slept in and we missed church, but we've enjoyed a pj morning. The boys are playing video games with Chad while I spend some time blogging...then I'm heading to Zumba (first time post broken foot) and then I'm not sure what we are going to do. And i'm excited to not have any defined plans. I want to upload all of the pictures from my camera but it seems our home laptop if having memory issues...so that will part of Chad's afternoon project. :) Fixing it and then one more thing off of my list. Once my pics are uploaded I'll be back to share. :) Blessings!