" I am the Lord. I change not." Malachi 3:6

Saturday, March 27, 2010

WW...Bridesmaid Dress...and Flowers!

This weekend is starting off busy but fun!! My sister right below me is getting married in June...June 26th to be exact. I'm so excited for her and her fiance!! He's an amazing man and loves her so much. She asked me to be her matron of honor and i'm thrilled! This morning we got up early and went to meet with the Florist to look at flowers and figure out what she wants. It was a blast! I love the colors she chose and know they will look amazing. Afterwards we met up with my mom and other sisters and headed down to Illinois to get fitted for our bridesmaid dresses. So glad to get that checked off our list! I have started tracking with Weight Watchers again and have been tracking religiously and you know what...I love it! I wish I could eat whatever I want and be a size two but that's just not the case. My goal is to be healthy in my skin...there isn't a magic number I want to reach on the scale..I just want to feel good, be healthy, and get to a weight I'm happy with before we have any more kids. The past three weeks have been great and i'm actually excited to weigh in tomorrow and see my results for this week. I have the WW app on my iphone and love it!!! Having Ash's wedding is a great motivator and following her wedding is a trip to SC and Florida and I have the cutest bikini that I will wear! Tonight I'm hanging out with the men in my life, hopefully getting some quilting in, and baking. My family is coming over tomorrow to celebrate Easter as half of them will be in Florida next week on Easter. The boys are thrilled that they will have two Easter egg hunts. :) Here's to a great week and weeekend with family! God Bless.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A beautiful Wednesday!

Today was absolutely gorgeous!!! We had a high of 63 and I loved every minute of it. I opened our windows, brought our patio set out, and Chad cooked on the grill tonight. Chiptole turkey breast with red and yellow peppers!! Yum. After dinner the boys played on the trampoline and I made a cup of blueberry coffee and sat in my favorite chair on the deck and savored the fresh air! This week has been a busy one. One of my younger sisters was rush to the ER in the middle of the night on Monday and has been in the hospital since. She has endometriosis and syncopy and has been coping with excruciating pain post surgery three weeks ago. She's scheduled to go to a pain clinic but can't get in until next month. Please pray for her, my mom, and siblings. My poor mom is just worn out as they have spent so much time at/in the hospital over the past 6 months. Because my siblings are military dependents my mom has to take them to a hospital that is 45 minutes away. Chad and I have been taking care of my youngest sister and took her to my mom's this afternoon. I have a hard time being patient with the system and the meds that Sarah is having to take. She is on many narcotics and because of the dosage and length she has been on the meds her body has formed an immunity and they are now trying a different set of meds. So aside from the craziness there I'm looking forward to the weekend and being at home. I also just found out that there is a good chance my best friend will be coming back from Germany for 8 months as her husband is scheduled to deply in August. While I'm sad for them that he has to leave, I'm excited to be able to spend time with her and my godbabies. I've alreay warned Chad that I plan on going to Texas for a long weekend every month while she is home. :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring is almost here!

I can't tell you how happy I am to see the sun out longer, the snow melting, and the temperature increasing!! Yes, I have spring fever in a bad way!!! I can't wait to open my windows up, let the fresh air in and turn the heat off. I'm looking forward to running outside again and most of all sitting on my deck sipping on coffee or wine, and enjoying the boys running around in our backyard!
Life in general has been so busy lately...full of fun opportunities but busy just the same. I have been traveling alot with work. While I enjoy seeing new places and meeting great people I miss being away from the boys! Chad was able to come with me on my last trip and we took a couple of extra days to see NYC which was a blast. I dragged him to see Carlos's bakery (The Cake Boss) in Jersey and loved every minute of it!! I have pics to post soon. I also started taking quilting classes a month ago. Don't laugh but learning how to quilt has been on my bucket list for years and the opportunity fell into my lap. So every Tuesday night I drive in from the city make a cup of coffee and head off to quilting class. Slowly i'm becoming a night person and staying up until the wee hours quilting. I love it!
The boys are doing fantastic and getting so big. We just registed N for kindergarten and Ky is right behind him heading to 1/2day school in the fall. Their personalities are blossoming and I love just listening to them talk to either other. We are so blessed and I don't take it for granted. Being a mom is truly the most amazing gift and I'm thankful for each day I have with them.
God has been working on my heart over the past month and I can't tell you what a peace he has given me just about everything. I finally feal like I have "turned the corner" and am moving forward with all that HE has for me. He's been putting a lot on my heart about serving others for Him and has brought some neat opportunities to do so. Once I have all of the details figured out I can't wait to share them with you. I'm also doing a Bible study with my mom and girlfriend. We are studying Esther, the Beth Moore Bible study and I am loving it. I have done two Beth Moore studies in the past but have often felt overwhelmed by them because they are packed full of good stuff but at the same time alot to complete in a week. We decided to go through what we can and not set a time limit. It's been awesome spending two weeks talking about the first chapter of Esther. God has blessed our early morning meetings on Saturdays!!
If there is anything I can pray about for you please let me know!! Prayer is so powerful.