" I am the Lord. I change not." Malachi 3:6

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Patience, Provision, and Prayer

Tomorrow will be two weeks since the accident and how things can change in two weeks.  Two weeks ago i sat on my deck praying about provision and guidance and He answered in more ways than one.  The accident caused damage...our car totaled, my body injured, but it's also provided answers otherwise left to be seen.  Without the accident I don't know that I would have gone to the doctor for a CT.  The CT revealed the spot on my brain.  And that spot has been confirmed to be a benign tumor.  I was handling the three options pretty well up until last Saturday and I lost it.  I didn't lose it because I didn't have control, I lost it because I trusted God and if the outcome meant that I had a brain tumor that was cancerous I knew it would be for His glory. And believe me I wrestled with that one...i spent the better part of three nights in my family room praying, reading, and crying....sobbing a couple of times because the selfish part of me was thinking way far ahead and the thought of not being around with my boys and Chad frankly tore me up. But I had peace...that no matter what we would take the answers and move forward knowing He had control on this one.  SO..Monday came and the test came back great.  There is no cancer and they will do another MRI in 6 months to make sure it is not growing. As long as it is the same size they will do one once a year just to monitor it.  PTL!

I returned to work on Monday and honestly is was a rough start back and frankly the week could have ended better but I know i'm also emotional and have a lot going on right now so I'm just trying to let it go. We did go test drive several cars today and I think we have narrowed it down to a Ford Fusion. I'm really excited! I brought one home for the weekend but it's not the color that I want, but we did find several within the chicago area that have the specs I want so I think the plan is to go next Sat and negotiate for the one I decide to go with.  We are going ot keep praying about it but we both liked it the best and I'm getting excited that we are almost done with this part. Then Chad just has to find something he likes. 

God has truly used the past few weeks to speak to me and I feel like i'm growing a lot and embracing all that He is teaching me and am thankful, but I do have something else to share...something that I've been praying about sharing and feel that now would be the best time to do so. Chad and I have been talking for at least a year about whether or not to have another baby.  I have always wanted to have four...and feel that four will make our family complete, but after losing Mason part of me desperately wanted to have a another baby and the other part of me was afraid...afraid that if I lost another child I wouldn't make it through again.  And to be honest Chad shared the same concerns. Losing Mason has been the most devesating loss I've ever experienced and our marriage almost didn't make it.  I checked out for quite some time and it took a lot of love, tears, prayers, time, and God to get us to where we are today.  But on Mother's day Chad gave me the best gift and said he was ready to try again and my heart soared. It was shortly there after that I started to feel sick and had all of the symptoms of being pregnant...and I took my first test and it came back negative.  Granted I took my  first test well before it most likely would ever come up positive but I'm sure you can see the trend of impatienceness... I had a day of spotting nothing to cause concern and a little the following but that was it.  It wasn't a period and I didn't think to much of it since I had the same type of situation happen when I was pregnant with Noah.  So I waited and told Chad I wouldn't take another test until the next month...that month being this month.  I waited until four days past when I should have had my period in the event the spotting I had was part of my cycle...and again a negative test.  But this time I know something's not right.  I've been telling Chad all along..I know my body and I'm either pregnant or somethings wrong. So I called my doctor to get her insight and she asked me to take another test on Monday.  If it came back negative she wanted me to go in for blood work as a tubal pregnancy would still show up positive.  The other possibility being I'm having problems ovulating.  Chad has been nothing short of amazing as he frankly always is and I can tell he's really concerned that I might either be losing a baby or having a tubal pregnancy which wouldn't have a positive outcome.  I told him today i'm really ok but that I just want to know what is going on because it's been so hard being patient wondering, part of me getting really excited about having the signs that point to pregnancy, and the other part scared when I saw the tests come up negative. Please pray that God will cover me with peace....amd pray for my husband that he will be at peace and trust God to take care of me.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


This weekend has started off quite relaxing.  My inlaws were so kind to invite the boys over for a sleepover last night and they were thrilled.  Chad and I went out to every car dealership in town after he got out of work and looked at cars..I think we have it narrowed down to five types we like, Saturn Aura, Chevy Malibu, Saab, Acura, and Ford Fusion. I was definately exhausted from walking so much last night as I haven't been on my feet for longer than 10 minutes at any given time this week but it also was nice to just get out of the house.  I felt very anxious being in a car while Chad drove us around and have a feeling it might take me a minute to get back into the saddle.  I didn't expect that but I guess it makes sense.  We picked up a movie and came home and I was out before the dvd even made it into the player. :) I slept in until 9:00 again so not my norm and then we picked up the boys and went for a short walk.  That's been my homework from my chiro is to talk for at least 10 minutes every day to get my muscles stretched.  It was a little humid but again nice to be out of the house. The boys played in the sprinkler when we got home and I spent time journaling which was great.  Now i'm going to take a nap and then we are going to church tonight.  And as the day goes by we are waiting...waiting to find out my test results, waiting to decide which car to get, and waiting for something else to come to fruition or not. What is cracking me up about all of this waiting is that I'm still calm and at peace with it....again not my "NORM"....I'm definately your type A, firstborn, "control" freak type of girl.  I'm just chalking it up to God molding me and i'm gladly accepting it.  Right now my biggest delima is what to make for dinner because this mama does not feel like cooking.  I'm think Papa Murphy's might be helping me out in that area tonight. On a complete side/random note, I don't know if you have checked out my community on the right of my page, but I would love to get feedback from you or have you start a new discussion.  Have a great weekend and Blessings!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Thunderstorms-Prayer Please

It's 2:30 in the morning and I can't sleep, which is odd considering the meds I'm on have helped me sleep better than ever! There have been thunderstorms going on all night and while I typically don't like them one bit I've been listening to this one thinking about how God has been ever present in this "thunderstorm". From the very minute our crash happened and throughout the week He's been right there.  We have been blessed from every angle.  The police, paramedics, doctors, friends, and family have all been amazing.  I have been humbled by the kindness and love but not surprised because we have so many awesome people in our lives.  It's been the "stranger's" kindness that has been comforting especially with the hundred questions I have and repeat phone calls to my insurance agent, the person who hit me's agent, the doctors etc.  We found out late Wed evening that our explorer is totaled. The frame was beyond repair along with a list of other items.  I'm probaly repeating myself from my previous post and I seem to be doing that a lot lately. Supposedly forgetfullness is common after an accident...lol Chad spent the better half of last night looking at cars online and asking my opinion, while I'm more of a in person kind of girl and will need to test drive it to give me opinion one way or the other.  Plus I'm not a huge car girl...I loved my big SUV BUT right now I know it's smart for us to get a car with all of the miles I am putting on it with my job.  So tonight we are going to test drive a few and start making out lists of likes/dislikes.  My top criteria are: black car, sun roof, nice size trunk, great cup holders for my java, and good gas mileage.  We'll see how close we get but we are definately going to take our time on this one and pray for wisdom.  We pick up our rental this morning and the insurance co is only providing one until Wed since it has already been determined that our car it totaled. I'm a little bummed because originally she told me 10 days but I'm going to call her back on Tues and see if they can extend it a day. Today's agenda consists of getting the rental, my chiro appt, and my MRI at 2:30 CST.  If you could please pray for me I would be so thankful.  I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little bit nervous about the MRI.  Here's what my family practictioner told me: The calcified spot could be one of three things, just a calcified spot that needs to be monitored due to size, a clump of blood vessels that are enlarged, that would need to be removed to remove the risk of me having an anerism, and the last and my least favorite is a brain tumor.  My dr told me that based on the size of the spot and location she is confident it's not a brain tumor.  I'm thankful that this spot showed up on my CT after the accident because otherwise I don't know when it would have been found but I am anxious and would like to know the results.  I think that's partially why I'm awake so early...and praying I'll be able to fall asleep again shortly. My in laws are going to watch the boys today for us and have a sleep over for them.  They are estactic and as much as my inlaws frankly often bring conflict into my life I'm thankful that they are such good grandparents and love our boys the way that they do.  This weekend we have no plans except test driving cars, church, and picking up the house and i'm glad.  It will be nice to be at home and relax for the most part. I'm hoping to try some new recipes I found in my food and wine magazine. I'll keep you posted on how they turn out.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Perfect Peace

Normally I don't post twice in one day and technically it's 15 minutes until Thursday, but I'm awake and just have the urge to write yet again.  About an hour after I posted my last post my claims adjustor called to tell me our explorer is totaled.  The normal "me" would have freaked out, not kidding, but this time I was calm and frankly just felt peace about it.  He walked me through how everything will play out and besides him sending me a few things that were forgotten in my suv we are done with that part of the process.  Tomorrow I have to take the signed tital to our agent, pick up the police report, and get a rental car.  Then Chad and I have to start looking/test driving cars.  As Chad and I talked about it tonight...part of us is bummed because the explorer was almost paid off and we were planning on getting a second car within the next month so now we are back with one vehicle but i'm excited.  I'm excited because we will be saving a ton of money on gas by having a car.  I commute 1 hr 30 min each way to work every day and we have been spending a hefty amount on gas this year.  So between that and the difference of what we won't be spending on a car payment we will be able to keep saving and saving.  I also think we'll be able to get our bathrooms remodeled sooner than planned. So tonight I'm excited to see what car we will find and most of all so thankful everything is working out.  The boys told us they wanted a red van...and this mama had to tell them no.  As much as I agree vans are practical and alot of my girfriends swear by them I don't want to drive one.  I told Chad he could when we look for his car next:)  I'm guessing he'll take a pass on it but just had to throw it out there for him. Well I think my meds are finally kicking in because i'm starting to shut my eyes...that didn't take long. Until tomorrow, or today :)

Timing-Car Accident

I just finished rereading my post from Sat and am smiling. Why? Because my boys and I were in a car accident on Sunday and normally I would be freaking out about all of the details but i'm not...I'm leaning on God and the knowledge that His plan surpasses my understanding.  Our morning started out great...Chad made us breakfast and I piled the boys in the car and off we went to the grocery store.  I normally go grocery shopping at 5am and can't stand to go during normal business hours but I decided it would be a fun trip for the boys.  As we were driving home past our favorite coffee shop a lady in front of me put her blinker on to turn into her driveway and abruptly turned. I put my foot on the brake to slow down and head a pop....that pop was a four door truck slamming into the back of our explorer...on impacted our explorer was catipulted 20 feet....my body slammed forward then back...it took me a minute to figure out that I had just been hit by another car, but immediately my adreneline kicked in and I got out to check on the boys who praise the lord were fine. Noah complained of his teeth hurting initially and besides a  bump on Ky's head they were fine.  The person who hit me called 911 and I sat back down in my car because my head hurt so bad i thought I was going to lose consciousness. Thankfully I was close to home and we have a fire station blocks down. The police, ambulance, and fire engine were onsight within two minutes.  The police officer and paramedics were great with the boys and I...I was put in a brace and taken to the hospital...the boys were taken there as well in a different vehicle..I was distraught thought because i couldn't find my phone to call Chad and I didn't want to the boys to be by themselves. They did find it and called Chad right away.  They did a Catscan at the hospital of my head and spine and thankfully there was no internal bleading or damage to my spine.  They did however find a 4mm calcified spot on my brain and I will be getting a MRI on Friday to find out what it is.  Our explorer was smashed in the back and has been towed to an auto inspection site.  I'm praying we get a call today to discuss the extent of the damamge and if it's going to be fixable or totalled.  A big part of me feels that they are going to total it.  We only had three payments left and it would have been paid off.  I know that they trade in amount that they would give us wouldn't do much other than provide a decent down payment on a new vehicle.  It makes me sad but at the same time I know God truly has his hand on all of this and no matter what the outcome is, I'm alive and so are the boys and the people who were in the other car.  At the end of the day a car is just a car and replacable.  I'm beyond thankful that our boys are ok and glad that my injuries are fixable.  I went to my regular doctor yesterday and she has switched the meds i'm on which are knocking me out but I should be able to be off the strong one by this weekend.  I saw my chiropractor today and am thankful to have resources available to help me.  Now i'm just waiting for the police report to be completed, get a rental car, and find our about our car and next steps there.  This afternoon has been the first time since Sunday that I've been out of bed to sit and do something besides sleeping and while I'm feeling groggy I'm thankful for the time to do something productive. My dear friend Dawn is coming down and bringing us dinner and me lunch today.  I'm looking forward to the company and hopefully won't fall asleep on her..lol

Our families have been nothing short of amazing and supportive.  My mom has been over every day to help with laundry, dishes, and the boys.  Chad's rents have watched the boys while i've been at my appts and all day yesterday. His dad even brought over a plant for me...which made me smile because I can't keep plants alive to save my life.  I've tried to plant some this summer and do enjoy it however I'm already on my second set of plants for the summer and these ones seem to be dying a slow death as well...lol

So as I sit hear and wait I've had a lot of time to pray and just talk to God about my concerns and my heart and truly feel at peace with whatever the outcome is.  I know He knows our needs and will take care of the muddy details i'm worried about.  I'm thankful to have a heavenly Father who is constant the same today as yesterday and knows already what is going to happen.  That brings a smile to me because I know that He is in this situation and has been since before the accident happened on Sunday.  Most of all we are safe and still a family...a blessing I don't take for granted.  If you could pray for us as we transition to whatever the outcome will be I'd really appreciate it. Blessings!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

When He Shows up

Over the past month at church Pastor Dave has been doing a series on American idols, sex, power, and money. As always I walk away in awe of his teaching of the word and passion for Christ. Last Saturday I took a ton of notes and have wanted to share with you and just write it down so I don't forgot. This message really touched my heart because I find myself personally struggling giving each day to Him and not trying to have a false sense of control.  Here are a few of my notes/thoughts:

  • How often does Jesus show up in our lives and we don't recognize him
  • Keep yourselves from idols
  • In your problems there is His peace
  • Ephesians 3:20- Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.
  • Our hearts only work well when Jesus is on the throne
  • Phillipians 3:7- But whatever was to my profit I now consider loss for the sake of Christ
  • Jesus wants to refine me like gold- Will I let him?
  • For some people their temple is the office
    • What is my temple
  • A life devoted to things is a dead life
  • Jesus was in front of Mary and Mary didn't even recognize Him
Do you ever find yourself in church and ready to tear up because God is using the sermon to speak to your current circumstances or situation? This series has hit home with me and if you follow my blog I'm sure you can guess why.  Two things that really hit home for me was when David talked about the temples in our life...are they money, power, the office...bingo. I sat there asking myself if the temple as was my office?  When he described the temples of our lives he meant where do we put our time and priorities.  Friends, if I'm being honest I am guilty of putting more energy into my office and job then is healthy.  This I know and God has been clearly speaking to me in more ways then one lately about this.  It is a struggle I have been dealing with for a while and more since I moved to corporate last year but the changes in my career and responsibilities have definately impacted my "temple". The second thing that really hit a cord was, How often does Jesus show up and we don't recognize Him. Yikes! This hurts my heart truly because it is my hearts desire to be used by Him daily but I'm sure there are times that I am so busy and trying to keep "control" of my day that I miss what he is trying to tell me or ask me to do.  This past week I did have to travel but when I was home I made a conscious effort to SLOW down and keep my email shut off and I can't tell you what a difference it made.  I actually sat outside on our deck and enjoyed reading a book for awhile which was wonderful.  I love to read and haven't in quite some time.  We also had a Uno game night with the boys which was a blast! I can't believe Noah is going to be in kindergarten in less than two months and Ky will me in preschool. 

This weekend is going to be a fun one! I'm going boating with our dear friends and Chad is having a boys day with his buddy and son with our two boys. It's a gorgeous day to be outside and I'm sure we will all be exhausted by this evening but it will a blast! I'm hoping we can go to church tonight but if not we'll go tomorrow.  And tomorrow we have NO plans and i love it!!! I do need to make our menu for the next two weeks and go grocery shopping and my weekly Target run but I always go grocery shopping around 6:00 am so i'm done before it gets crowded.  The farmers have been out with their produce and i'm hoping to get some sweet corn today or tomorrow so we can have it with whatever we make on the grill. I love sweet corn and could have that as a meal:) Well I should go and start putting away the loads of clean laundry that are staring at me while i'm typing.  I hope everyone has a wonderful Sat. If you have any prayer requests that I can be praying for you about please leave a comment or feel free to email me! I'd love to hear from you and pray for you. Blessings!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Relaxing Saturday!

I can't tell you how awesome it is that Saturday is here! We are feeling better and were glad to get out of the house this morning and enjoy the fresh air! After having months of Saturdays filled with busy wedding planning, bridal shower, batchlorette party, and wedding it is wonderful to have a Saturday with no plans. I'm loving it.  I almost don't know what to do with myself, but don't worry we are finding plenty to do.  We took the boys out to a few stores. Chad is looking for a projector mount for his new projector.  I stopped in at Pier One to look around.  When then took the boys to a greenhouse that is nearby and have they have a big fish pond which our boys love! Our last stop was to rent a game for the boys and it couldn't have come at a better time.  We are trying to teach our boys that there are things in life that are privelages and not expected. Renting a game is a privelage and they now understand that.  While I would love to give them a game whenver they want I don't think it's in their best interest.  We do normally buy them a game every few months but once a month we let them pick out a game to rent.  Noah has been counting down for 14 days since I told him he could rent one and he hasn't stopped talking about it all day today.  He was trying so hard to be patient but you could tell he was busting at the seams.  So in we went and out we came with a lego game they are thrilled to play.  Now that we've had lunch I think i am going to actually work on laundry since I didn't do more than a load yesterday.  Once that's done and the boys take their nap I'm going to sit on our deck and read a book! I love to read and am so excited to have time this afteroon to relax and do just that. 

Thank you for your prayers yesterday! I had all three meetings and they went amazingly well.  One of them could have gone better and we'll see how that plays out but I know without a doubt that God gave me words or wisdom and peace.  I cant' tell you what a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders!!! It's huge.

Tonight we are going to church and I can't wait!! I just love our pastor and can't wait to be fed spiritually.  My dear friend is back from Haiti and she will be there as well.  I'll also get to see Ash since she is back from her honeymoon.  We saw her briefly last week but it will be nice to see her for more than five minutes. I can't tell you how hard it was this week not to call her at 8am like I normally do.  I promised her husband I'd wait until at least nine and i'm already in my office by then.  I hope everyone is having a wonderful fun filled Saturday! I know we are and I'm thankful for a weekend at home with the fam! Blessings.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cabin Fever!

That's right...I'm having major cabin fever! I haven't left the house since Monday and I'm getting anxious.  I don't remember the last time I have been home for this long.  I've enjoyed spending alot of time with the boys, reading, lounging, since we haven't felt good, and playing many board games.  But yesterday I felt like I needed to get out! I watched at least 6 episodes of top chef, which before yesterday I never watched, and now i'm hooked.  I tried to get caught up on work email but frankly just didn't have the gusto to put a whole lot energy/thought into it.  Today I was back to work, but worked from home. The phone started ringing bright and early but it was wonderful just sitting in my yoga pants plugging away.  My mom and Grams stopped over for an hour to help with the boys who were home today, because Noah still wasn't 100% and I greatly enjoyed their company.  I ran out of coffee beans two days ago and have missed my daily java! My mom was so sweet and stopped to pick me up my favorite coffee drink from our coffee shop around the corner.  It made my day! Tomorrow is Friday and it feels like my Monday.  I'm heading into the city and have a busy day ahead of me.  I have three big meetings back to back and have lost a bit of sleep over them this week.  They are each crucial to different implementations within our organization and I am not looking forward to them.  Sometimes I wish I had a job that I could leave at work.  I'm thankful for the job/opportunities I have as I realize many people are without a job, but some days I wish I could leave it at work and not bring it home.  I find myself having a hard time putting my iphone away and not checking my emails/messages often.  I also have a hard time just relaxing and letting my open items sit until the next day.  Once the boys go to bed I often open work right back up in hopes of getting a head start on the next day.  And lastly when I'm on vacation a day doesn't go back that I check in multiple times....I know as I'm typing this I realize I need to work on this and really pray about prioritizing my day.  Others do it and I don't know why I struggle with it so much.  Any suggestions on how you might deal with your day and leaving work at work?  It's important to me that our boys have my undivided attention when I am home.  Sorry I just went off on a tangent...I guess I just needed to get that out.  I'm off to check on my piles of laundry in hopes that a laundry ferry attacked them while I was working today:) And then its play time with my main men.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Flu...ugh!

I remember growing up my mom always did a great job of taking care of us when we were sick.  And I love cudding with my boys when they don't feel good, but what I'm not good at is cleaning up puke.  I'm just being honest..it's not my gift.  This weekend Chad started to not feel good on Sunday and he thought he had food poisoning...I doubted it but didn't even think it was the flu.  I always thought the flu went around in the winter....well I was wrong! Last night I worked late and went to bed around 10:30...and about twenty minutes after that Noah came in our room and said, "Daddy I got sick on my bed, on Kylan, in the hallway, and the bathroom.  I tried to clean it up and i'm sorry"...I don't think I've ever jumped out of bed so quick. My poor baby was sick and felt bad that he couldn't clean it up..I wanted to cry right then.  So Chad and I get up and access the damage and yes there was puke everywhere!!! including Ky's head...I wish I was kidding.  The smell and sight of it made me want to get sick...so we woke up poor Ky who does not do well being woken up out of a dead sleep and stripped them both down for a shower.  After that we all piled into our room and luckily made it through the night with no other incidents. This morning I woke up did some work and felt the onset of sickness and now 3 out of 4 of us are sick...chicken noodlos, gatordade and club crackers are gracing our counter and I think i've watched every episode of phineas and ferb that exists!  I'm thankful we were able to enjoy the long weekend minus poor chad...but now I don't want to miss work because i'm sick.. :( Here's to hydrating and clorox wipes! :)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Family and pictures!

The bride and groom!I love being their mom!MikeSome of my sisters and two of my cousins!Patiently waiting for the party! :)
This week has been truly a blessing in so many ways! My brother, Mike, was able to stay and extra week which we ate up! We had so many wonderful talks and just watching him hang out with our boys melted my heart. You see when my brother left Wisconsin 20 months ago he was just recovering from his drug addiction and for close to two years before he left he was a different person than the Mike I had known. At one point he didn't communicate with any of us for 9 months and my mom and I would often see him around town looking hollow and his clothes falling off of him. That's the short version but I think you can understand from this small tidbit how different the Michael I spent time with today is different from the Michael who lived here before. God has truly used Florida as an opportunity for him to get clean, move away from his "friends" and figure out what he wants to do with life. God has also used it as a place to bring him back to Him...and I can't tell you the joy our family feels that Mike has given his life back to Christ. Anyhow this week we were able to talk through many things that have happened in our lives and it was great! I love his laugh, his bear hugs and his heart. Yesterday we had to say goodbye and that was so hard!!! I took the boys over to my mom's in the morning and Mike and I sat our on the porch for an hour and just talked about his next steps. He really wants to come back home and finish school after he is finished with basic, but right now he has to talk to his recruiting officer because he is part of the National Guard in Florida and has to see if he can transfer. After lunch we got him all packed and took him to the airport...I'm not sure who it was harder for, but we are hoping he can home next month for a week before going to basic so we were trying to stay positive. Today, the boys and I had a play date with my dear friend MJ and her son C-man... I love them both! C-man is 11 months and is so precious to me. We took all of our boys to our favorite coffee shop this morning for a latte and scone and then headed to my house and the boys played in the pool and slip and slide. And the hose was a huge attraction...lol...forget all of the summer toys we buy for them...the green hose was great! MJ and I cracked up and caught up on life and compared stories of our past weeks and motherhood. It's so nice to have a friend to share play dates with. After they left we headed over to Ash's house to drop off all of the tables cloths I washed for her while she was on her honeymoon. If I don't see another table cloth for the next 7 years I'll be great:) We got to catch up with her and Kris for a minute but we didn't want to stay long as they still have to unpack and get ready to jump back into life tomorrow. Plus I have a lot of work to do and wanted to have some down town with the fam... Oh and I forgot to share one of my favorite moments of our whole weekend!!! Last night I decided to have a slumber party with the boys. We brought blankets and "a few stuffed animals"...While I was setting the fort up I asked them to pick out a few animals and their pillow and bring them downstairs. Five minutes later I go upstairs to see their whole bedroom in the hall way...books and all. And of course I wanted to be the cool mom and helped them bring it all downstairs..and they spent a good thirty minutes trying to figure out each animal's sleeping arrangements. We then played memory, read books, and watched episodes of Max and Ruby, Diego, and Backyardagains. I think we finally fell asleep at 11 which never happens but was so worth it. This morning Ky woke me up at 7:30 and was upset because we forgot to play Sequence....so at 8:00 this morning we were up playing Sequence... Tonight we are relaxing and getting ready for the week. I'm so thankful it's a short one. I have two big presentations tomorrow and true Mimi style am waiting until the last minute to put my finishing touches on it. I figure I'll do them while watching The Bathlorette. Before I forget here are a few pictures from a wonderful wedding! I hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th!