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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Flu...ugh!

I remember growing up my mom always did a great job of taking care of us when we were sick.  And I love cudding with my boys when they don't feel good, but what I'm not good at is cleaning up puke.  I'm just being honest..it's not my gift.  This weekend Chad started to not feel good on Sunday and he thought he had food poisoning...I doubted it but didn't even think it was the flu.  I always thought the flu went around in the winter....well I was wrong! Last night I worked late and went to bed around 10:30...and about twenty minutes after that Noah came in our room and said, "Daddy I got sick on my bed, on Kylan, in the hallway, and the bathroom.  I tried to clean it up and i'm sorry"...I don't think I've ever jumped out of bed so quick. My poor baby was sick and felt bad that he couldn't clean it up..I wanted to cry right then.  So Chad and I get up and access the damage and yes there was puke everywhere!!! including Ky's head...I wish I was kidding.  The smell and sight of it made me want to get sick...so we woke up poor Ky who does not do well being woken up out of a dead sleep and stripped them both down for a shower.  After that we all piled into our room and luckily made it through the night with no other incidents. This morning I woke up did some work and felt the onset of sickness and now 3 out of 4 of us are sick...chicken noodlos, gatordade and club crackers are gracing our counter and I think i've watched every episode of phineas and ferb that exists!  I'm thankful we were able to enjoy the long weekend minus poor chad...but now I don't want to miss work because i'm sick.. :( Here's to hydrating and clorox wipes! :)

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A Tiny Hiney said...

Ahhh, I hate being sick...especially the FLU! I don't wish that upon anybody! I sure hope your sweet family overcomes the sickness super soon!!!