" I am the Lord. I change not." Malachi 3:6

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas Blessings

The Best Gift!

My Little Man

My Mr. Man

     This Christmas season has been a busy but wonderful one for our family.  We've had the opportunity to celebrate Christmas 6 times and have one more left the second weekend in January.  They each have been special and provided us with wonderful memories and laughs for years to come but I have to say that some of my favorite moments were sitting at home on Christmas Eve reading the Christmas story to my little men, listening to them go to bed on Christmas Eve and making up Christmas rules about Santa, and cuddling in bed watching Despicale Me with all of them...laughter filling the room.  Other memories I know I won't forgot...visiting our family in Chicago, playing Apples to Apples, hugging my Grams, trying a new red wine with my uncle and listening to Glee Christmas on the drive back home.  Sharing pizza and watching Charlie Brown Christmas with our dear friends and their son. Skyping with my brother who graduated basic training and is now back at my dad's in Florida...and treasuring it all.  These past months have been rough, faith building, trying, often anxiety filled, and new, but they have also humbled me and again reminded me just how precious life is. 
     I was listening to KLOVE yesterday and they were talking about Max Lucado's book and a part of it where he lists questions that he would have for Joseph:
  • Did he arm restle with Jesus
  • Did they ever argue
He listed more but I can't find them on their site..but it was so interesting to think about what it must have been like to be Jesus's earthly parents. They also talked about Mary and if when she was praying did she ever open her eyes and look at her son to see if he was listening.  Amazing to even think about.  As we celebrated Jesus's birth as a family I was thankful for Him and all that He continues to show our little family....and me...one of little faith sometimes. 
     Now Christmas Day is over and we are relaxing...just finised picking up the packages, paper, dirty dishes, and putting things away.  Deciding what we want to do on this day...If the boys finish cleaning up their play room we are going to take them to chuck e cheese for "my birthday"... Chad took me out for dinner on my birthday (the 21st) and the boys were dropped of at his parents for the surprise. Poor Ky started bawling saying he didn't want to miss my party. We explained to them that Daddy was taking Mommy out for a special dinner and that we would celebrate as a family on Sunday. Noah and Ky's idea..Chuck E Cheese would be perfect! I couldn't agree with them more..lol :) I love the minds of a 4 and 6 year old. Precious to me.  I still haven't completed my Christmas baking like I normally do...mostly due to lack of time/energy but I did get the rest of my baking supplies I need and might just bake tonight or tomorrow. We'll see.  I also have a stack of books calling my name and might just jump into one of them when the boys take their naps. For my birthday and Christmas I was given two seasons of the show Friends and we started watching season one two nights ago. I'm looking forward to watching the seasons all the way through. I just love that show!!!
     Well I am going to run grab some lunch and get my men ready to go have some family fun. I do have lots more to share and have wanted to jump on and write but time has been against me...but I will be back sooner than later to share more of our happenings during this wonderful Christmas season....and Thanksgiving.. :) Blessings!