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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Taking time to smell the roses

Today has been a wonderful day!! Harper and I got up at 6:45...she had her bath, got her dressed for mom's group and started to feed her when our doorbell rang. Luckily Chad was up getting the boys ready for school and answered it. A water main broke down the street and the water guy was telling us our water was being shut off of the next two hours while they fixed it. Let me tell you this mama jumped out of bed and asked Chad to hold Harper while I took a quick shower so I didn't look like a hot mess at mom's group. Luckily Harper was content and was patient with me while I got cleaned up. :)

Harper all ready to go to moms group :)

We left our home a little after nine and headed to church for mom's group. I have been excited all week to meet with the group of ladies I met last week.  I'm so glad I went! First, I LOVE the book we are discussing, Unglued by Lysa Terkeurst (http://www.christianbook.com/unglued-making-wise-choices-midst-emotions/lysa-terkeurst/9780310332794/pd/332794?kw=unglued&event=PPCSRC&p=1018818&gclid=CKvxn--6xrUCFQjNnAod2ioAmQ), and enjoyed having open/honest conversation with the ladies.  It was so refreshing to listen to each woman share how they were doing this week and I really appreciated their honest and vulnerability.  One of the ladies that I met last week (and hit it off with) was back this week and sat next to me. We enjoyed getting to know each other more and I'm excited to do lunch or have a play date with her in the near future.  We are going to start reading the book, Crazy Love by Francis Chan, next week and I am excited to re read the book and dive into discussions.

After mom's group Harper and I made a run to the hospital so I could get my blood work done while she was sleeping. We then ran home and I made lunch and fed her.  After she fell asleep I changed into my workout clothes and enjoyed a 60 minute workout. I'm feeling great getting back into my workout regiment and adding Zumba back in.  In addition to my workout I've dusted off my eating clean book, http://www.eatcleandiet.com/ , and am really focusing on what I'm putting in my body.  I've become really disciplined over the past two weeks and am working on removing the last few items that have been stragglers this week. It's amazing how my body is reacting and just how much better I feel cutting out all of the "crap" from my daily meals/snacks.  I have a list of new recipes that I'm excited to try over the next couple of weeks and am looking forward to making better choices for my body.

Tomorrow we are supposed to get another snow storm so we'll see how the day goes. I was looking forward to going to Zumba again but will be the first to stay in and get a good workout in at home and avoid the messy roads and snow!! Fingers crossed the snow doesn't come until after Zumba's over.  :)

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