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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The first couple of weeks home

     Being home with Harper has been nothing short of amazing and a blessing that I'm not taking for granted! After we brought Harper home we spent the first two weeks enjoying Carmen's company and my dad and his wife flew out the Friday after she was born. Carmen and I had a wonderful time with Harper and each other! We spent hours sitting on the couch lounging and taking turns holding her and staring at her all day long and we loved it. I had a list of dinners I wanted to make while Carmen was here so we jumped right into our menu for the remaining days she was here and enjoyed some of my favorite new recipes that she hadn't tried yet.  We also caught up on several chick flicks that we both have been wanting to see. My favorite was Pitch Perfect!! I loved it and we watched it twice..i'm pretty sure I could watch that movie at least once a month. Before Carm had kids she was a professional photographer. While I don't have props etc Carm brought her fancy camera and took a few (ok 100 plus) pictures of Harper and we had a blast going through them and picking out my favorites. Here are a few of them.

     Chad took the first couple of days off of work which was wonderful...after that he worked from his  office at home for the next two weeks. It was a huge blessing especially after Carmen left. Just knowing he was here in case I needed help was wonderful. I'm not one to take naps often but the first month I relished in them and just enjoyed relaxing and everything that words means. While I have a list of things I hope to accomplish while on maternity leave my number one priority is bonding with Harper and enjoying every moment which I've taken full advantage off.  It's also been a wonderful time for my family. My sisters stop over throughout the week to say hi to Harper....that's right Harper and then us.. :) I remember shortly after Harper came home one of my sisters texting me asking if Harper was going to Ky's basketball game. I love that they love her and take the time to stop over and spend with her. What's been neat is watching my sister Ash and her husband Kris. He works 30 minutes from our home but has driven up almost once a week if not more to meet Ash and spend time at our home. I've seen more of my family in the past 30 days then I have in months. Don't get me wrong we are a close family and see each other at least once a week if not more but to have them come over and actually stay for an extended period of time and chat has been welcomed.

     Well I'm steeping tea and getting ready to move into our room for the evening with little miss, but plan on posting more tomorrow about my last two weeks at home with H. I also have many more pictures to post. :)Blessings!

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