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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Wonderful Day

Today has been a wonderful day with the fam. This morning I got up early and started in on the never ending piles of laundry. I don't know where they come from. :) The boys got up early so we had fun talking over bowls of cereal and trying to figure out what fun we were going to have today. I met my friend Tracie for coffee at my favorite coffee shop and chatted with her for an hour. When I got back home the boys and Chad were all ready to go and our day began. We went to this really neat shop that has tons of flowers and a huge fish pond that the boys love looking at. Then we went to the pet store and looked at all of the fish, turtles, birds, etc. We always finish by picking out treats for our dog Zoe at the "buffet" treat station and then headed to the library. We signed the boys up for the summer reading program. Our library is amazing and the boys just love going to the children's library within it. It's huge and has a lot of things for them to play with. We then headed home for lunch and all took a much needed nap. Then they played outside with Chad while I continued cleaning and laundry. Chad made steaks on the grill for dinner which were so yummy! Afterwards I went for a bike ride and did a quick Target run. Unfortunately I'm having horrible back pain right now so I took three tylenol and have two ice packs stuck to my back praying it helps numb the pain. I get these "spasms" twice a year but when I get them it feels like someone is sticking a knife in my back...not fun. Overall today has been relaxing, and wonderful time spent with the fam. Tomorrow we have no plans either..PTL! So i'm hoping to lay out and just do a lot of nothing.

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Erika said...

Wow! Sounds like a busy yet relaxing Saturday you had! I love the weekends--they, of course, are never long enough for me!!
Yesterday we went to dinner with my parents--they took us to PF Changs. Do you have that where you are? It's super delicious! Then we went to a friends pool party--lots of fun. Today we took the waverunners out on the lake and enjoyed the sun a bit too much! We are having steaks on the grill tonight, my favorite!