" I am the Lord. I change not." Malachi 3:6

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Lazy Day

One thing i've never been good at is resting...or being still. God is teaching me to enjoy doing both. Today I slept in until 8:00!! This is something I haven't done in years...and i'm not kidding. I might sleep in until 7:00 but normally i'm up no later than 5 and love being able to get a lot done before the kids wake up. I truly enjoy my morning time. Today I slept in and then got up to gorgeous weather again. The boys and I spent most of the day outside and it was wonderful! I did finish a small project I was working on in our room this morning but around 9:30 I headed outside to get some much needed sun and catch up on lots of reading material. The boys followed around 10:00 and we had a blast! They love their little pool and spent over an hour running around the backyard and jumping in it. Then we moved too searching for bugs (I should say they). The have a bug gun that sucks the bugs into a closed container with air holes and then they can see the bugs they catch...the love it and are sure to show me each and every bug they catch... I don't like bugs at all but try to act like I'm in awe of their catches. :) I thought it would be fun to have a picnic lunch in our backyard and that is what we did. I love our little conversations we have. Noah is trying really hard to say hi whole name. Both of our boys have two middle names so they are quite a mouth full and noah's middle names aren't the easiest for a little boy to say but he's trying so hard. We all took a nap and then headed back outside until dinner. Dinner was great courtesy of Papa Murphy's. :) I love their delite pizza and the boys inhale their cheesesticks. Right now the boys are drawing artwork in the tub and Chad is picking up a movie for us (Last Chance Harvey) and one for the boys. He went boating with friends of ours today which was great for him!!! I think he really needed some alone time. We are going to just chill after the boys go to bed and I will be enjoying a glass of Mountain Rose wine from Tennessee:) All in all this weekend has been refreshing and the relaxation much needed. I refrained from going in to work at all and am so glad I did.

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