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Sunday, June 7, 2009

A few pictures

Noah loved the goggles! He calls them his water glasses and even took them in the bathtub! Kylan so excited to play on the slip N slide he got for his birthday!

Ky showing me the cupcake he picked out to eat. I'm no Martha but I tried:)

My handsome men....

Ky posing in front of the basketball hoop we got him for his birthday...the big 3!

Ok so my plans for going out with the boys are on hold as they are watching a dinosaur carton in Spanish and don't even seemed bothered by the fact they can't understand what it being said. They crack me up. Chad's mowing the lawn and i'm waiting for their pizza to be done before I start the orange chicken and egg rolls Chad and I are having with dinner. That being said I just uploaded some cute pictures of the boys and my trip to Wollersheim Winery Yesterday. It's really neat...my friend Dawn and I met when I moved to Alaska and was starting 8th grade. We were friends all the way through High School and then I moved to southern alaska and we lost touch. Seven years went by and at the urging of my siblings I started my own facebook account and found many friends from highschool and military that I grew up with. Dawn was one of them and it was so awesome because that summer (two years ago) she was moving to Madison Wisconsin which is not very far from me. We met at Barnes and Nobles for coffee and caught up right we were left off. We try and get together every month and always have a blast when we do. I've really enjoyed our friendship and she has been so understanding since Mason died. She's a great listener and feel so blessed we've been able to reconnect. Enjoy the pictures!

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Erika said...

Your boys are SOOO cute!! These pics remind me of when I was a child...I used to LOVE the summer and especially the slip-n-slide!!!