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Sunday, October 7, 2012

26 weeks, unglued, and misc pics

This week has been a full one on all accounts! Fall is here and I'm enojying every minute of it. It's my favorite season and I love the crisp air, changing of the leaves, everything pumpkin, and wearing hooded sweatshirts. I love it! Last Sunday we took the boys to our favorite apple orchard and had a wonderful afternoon...they have a fantastic play area for the kids outside and an amazing store full of all types of canned goods, dip mixes, crafts, apple cider donuts, fudge....and much more. They also have a little resteraunt downstairs that serves warm apple cider donuts, applie pie, apple wedges and more. Yum x's ten.

Chillin on the tractor

Mr. Turkey

This is how I feel at 6.5 months pregnant :)

This is what happens when the boys hijack my camera

Apple cider goodness!

Love this boy!

As the week progressed I started to feel off..i don't even know how to describe it other than just not feeeling like my normal self..and then on Thursday I started having contractions. First they were in my back and then moved to my front. Now that being said I've had braxton hicks before, but these weren't them...and they were five minutes apart. Ugh. Chad was in Chicago and after 30 minutes of them continuing I called him and asked if he could head home. I really dislike asking him to leave work and make the two hour drive but I also get nervous that if something happens I would like him to be here. I called my dr right away and of course she was out that afternoon. The nurse told me to lay down and start counting them and come in if they continued throughout the hour. Well call it stubborn or prideful but I didn't go to L&D. The contractions continued for five hours but as the time progressed they got further and further apart. By 9:00 pm they stopped but I was exhausted. I called my dr the next morning and went in to be checked. Thankfully I haven't dialated and my FNN test came back negative another praise! I did test positive for a bacteria infection which explains why i was feeling off and will treat that with an antibiotic for the next week. So needless to say I was wiped on Friday and thankful to be at home resting. I was a little disappointed because I had planned to go to Chicago on Saturday to work on my Christmas shopping but decided it would be better if I stayed close to home. So I called my girlfriend D who lives in Madison and decided to head up to see her on Saturday and have my cloth diaper consult with her:) and then do some shopping up there. And it was a fantastic impromtu day out with her. I got to her place at 8:30 and she showed me her set up again, this time with me taking notes and then we headed to one of our favorite coffee shops, followed by the cloth diaper store for more consulting :), then the mall and barnes and nobles. The awesome thing was I was able to get the baskets for Harper's closet, do some Christmas shopping, get my cloth diaper consult down three weeks in advance, and was home by 2:00. It was a great end to a long week! I forgot to mention that I also stopped by my favorite Christian bookstore and picked up a couple of books and Christmas items and two books that have been on my wish list for some time. I read about Lysa Terkeurst's book Unglued a while back but haven't had the opportunity to pick it up and made sure to do so yesterday. I started reading it this morning and haven't been able to put it down. Wow talk about meeting me right where I am at this season in my life. I think I've highlighted a handful of sentences on almost every page and am in awe at all that God is speaking to me about through her via these pages. So much to take in but so excited to be molded and stretched.  And before the new week starts i'll leave you with a few more pics from the last week.

And before the new week starts i'll leave you with a few more pics from the last week.

At church after an amazing service!

I found these shoes this weekend and found the perfect dress in Harper's closet to match!

Harper's closet is 90% complete! I found these baskets at Pottery Barn and just have to determine the organization structure below her second row of clothes.


A Tiny Hiney said...

Ohhhhhhh MY gossssh!!! Harper's closet!!!!!! ...it's PACKED of clothes!!!! You must be having so much fun shopping for her!!!!! I love it! I've really inky tackles 'newborn', 0-3 months and 3-6 months... So I still have a ways to catch up!! The shoes & dress are adorable! The apple orchard sounds amazing and delicious!!
I hope you are feeling alright and keeping the contractions away! That can be scary but I'm glad all is good now! Hope the meds fight the infection!! ;))
Super cute pics! You (and all your boys) look great!!

Tammy Nelson said...

Love love the name of your blog !!! I'm a huge coffee, mocha and cappuccino fan !!! Fall is my favorite time of year ! Thanks for stopping by my blog ! I'm a new follower .