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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Basketball practice, a baby shower, and fellowship!

Getting ready for practice

Enjoying a water break!!
This week has been wonderful! On Monday Kylan had his first basketball practice. Chad and I were a little nervous because he has a condition with his legs that causes him to run slower than his peers but he is a trooper and was so excited all weekend about his impending practice! Chad and I talked all day Monday and prayed that Ky would have a good time, have a great coach, and have kids on his team that were kind.  I know it sounds crazy but I just feel so protective of my little man and the thought of on of his teammates making fun of him due to his condition or even him feeling out of place makes me want to break down in tears. But God is good and Ky's first practice was a success! His coach and asst coach were fantastic! There are 10 other kids on his team and they all got along really well. They worked hard and he was exhausted by the end of the hour but he was so excited he kept telling us how much he loved the game and couldn't wait for his next practice. My heart felt so much better and I'm looking forward to seeing how the rest of this season goes for him.

Harper's first Uggs!

Our first shower!

On Wednesday my friends from my office in Chicago through Chad and I a baby shower. It was precious and beyond anything we expected.  Chad's office in Chicago is about 25 minutes from mine and his business partners and boss drove up to my office for a combined shower. My friends thought of everything! One of their family owns an amazing bakery and made this cake that was out of this world! It was better than many wedding cakes I've had. It had three layers, the bottom being chocolate with Bavarian cream, the middle white with raspberry filling, and the top a marble with chocolate mousse. Did I mention it was amazing!! :) I even went back for seconds and didn't think twice about it. I'm pretty sure I will order Harper's first birthday cake from here.  I've been at corporate for a little over three years and during that time have made a couple of really good friends who I often call my posse. :)  We laugh all the time and have made some fantastic memories whether it be while traveling together, going out for a quick lunch, talking after work on our long commutes home, or just sharing stories about life. And I'm truly thankful for them. Just seeing the kindness and effort they all put into coming and showering us with love was so humbling for Chad and I.  We left our office that day just thankful for the people that God has put in our lives on an every day basis at the office. We are blessed.

One of the things that I have prayed for over the past year is that God would bring couples into our lives that have children that we can fellowship with.  Chad and I both have amazing friends here at home and have one couple that we do things with almost on a weekly basis who has a son C that is three and we love him to pieces. Outside of that we don't have any friends close by with kids.  And I miss having that. Over the course of the last year one of my very good friends who I've known for 11 years started to date one of Chad's previous co workers who he had become friends with. And L has two kids from his first marriage who are 3 and 6. And so it's just worked out that we really enjoy doing things together as couples and as families. Our kids get a long great and we just have a relaxed time together.  Yesterday we invited them over for dinner and had a wonderful time!  We started upstairs and enjoyed dinner and laughs and then the kids and the men headed downstairs to the playroom and media room to hang out. Nat and I stayed upstairs in our family room and enjoyed talking and spent some time in Harper's room going through her things. :)  They stayed until 9ish and we enjoyed my famous brownies and vanilla bean ice cream before they headed home. And when they left we smiled and talked about the funny things the kids did and our night.  And it was good....really good to have friends come to our home, relax, and make memories.  I can't wait until we do it again and am thankful for answered prayers.

Today has been really relaxing! I slept awful last night! So much so that I stayed in bed until a little after nine this morning reading and just didn't want to move. We got up had a lite breakfast and then headed out to run a couple of errands and meet Chad's parents and sister for lunch to celebrate Chad and his sister's birthday. They are three years and three days apart.  It was a nice lunch and we caught up a bit and then afterwards headed to Target to pick up some candy for the boy's costume party at church this weekend. Unfortunately I wasn't feeling to great by the time we got to Target and took a three hour nap once we got home. Afterwards I enjoyed reading some more while the boys played a game with Chad downstairs and have overall just enjoyed doing a whole lot of nothing today.  I think tonight we are going to chill and watch some movies after the boys go to bed. And tomorrow do a couple of fun things!

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ADORABLE Uggs :) The joys of having little girls !!!
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