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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Almost Friday!

I can't believe tomorrow is Friday! Normally a day will fly by here and there, but lately the weeks are flying by!!! I'm not complaining because every week that goes by is a week longer that Harper is snug as a bug and one week closer until I get to hold her in my arms. Words can't begin to describe how excited I am to have her here. On the way to school this morning I was talking to the boys about Christmas and how shortly after Christmas Harper would be here. Somehow we went from there to them asking me how old they would be when Harper was 6,7,8 etc. I almost started crying just thinking about my boys being teenagers and would like to stay in denial just a little longer that they will ever get older.  I am excited to see them with Harper and know that they will be wonderful big brothers to her. 

Ky found out who his basketball coach is today and is so excited to start practice next week.  I'm really hoping he enjoys the team he is on, learns alot, and has a blast! Noah starts tennis in a couple of weeks and can't wait.  We were hoping to get them back into swim and the club they take lessons as but i'm not sure that two sports per boy and a newborn will work out well so we are going to see how November goes and decide in December. 

One of our favorite things to do together as a family before the boys go to bed is watch the show Chopped or Cupcake Wars. I DVR them during the week and love to breeze through the commericals. I'm really excited because I found a few neat cupcake shops up north and showed the boys my top two picks. I think we might just take a trip up there this weekend and try a couple, but we'll see.  If not this weekend next weekend for sure!

Noah is celebrating his birthday with his friends from school on Saturday. His actual birthday is in September but we wanted him to get to know the students in his class and invite new friends if he made some. He's so excited that 6 of them are coming!  Now I just have to finish my mom majic and put together the goody bags and make his cake.

Aside from his birthday party our weekend is going to be pretty low key. My sister is going to take them to her friend's son's Halloween party. He's three and a little young for the boys but they are having a pumpkin painting station, bob for apples, and a few other things that I know the boys will love.  On Sunday their surrogate aunt is going to make home made pizzas with them for lunch and they will get to spend some time at her house which they will absolutely enjoy. I haven't told them yet in case something comes up for her but I know it will be a fun filled weekend for them. And while they are going to their events Chad and I will have some down time and get the boys Christmas shopping done!! I'm so exicted because i'm so close to having my Christmas shopping list complete. I'm doing one last walk through of my Christmas tote of gifts and hoping to get everything that is left this weekend. Fingers crossed. :)

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A Tiny Hiney said...

Christmas shopping done?!? Wow! You're in a roll!! Sounds like great plans ahead!! Can't believe your boys are getting so old!! They're going to be such great helpers with Harper!! You're getting closer to meeting her!! How sweet!!