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Sunday, October 14, 2012

27 weeks, chocolate temptation and keurig love!

This week has been alot calmer and Miss Harper is getting bigger! One of my favorite times of the day is at night before I go to bed. While I lay down and try and catch a show that has been DVRd Miss Harper loves to have a boxing max in my tummy and I love every minute of it! This morning while watching a show with Chad he got to feel her move again and we saw my stomach move as she moved. I just love this part of pregnancy. I think about her listening to our voices and pray constantly for our baby girl who is continuing to grow.  I can't wait to meet her and have not added a counter on my phone counting down the days until my induction and the days until my best friend, Carmen, who godmother, will be here. She's not here yet but loved by so many. I still can't figure out how to fix these pictures so they are ride side up but here's a few from this coffee filled weekend!

Chocolate Temptations!

My sweet friend Jodi!

Saturday morning I got up early and picked up my friend Jodi. We headed to a small town near by that has an amazing coffee shop called Chocolate Temptations! It is amazing. They make their truffles and chocolates there and have a selection of coffee that makes any coffee lover's head spin. I picked up a few flavors for Christmas gifts and even brought home a few truffles to share. I know this is going to sound ridiculous but I am so thrilled to love coffee again. I told Chad a few weeks back that I was getting nervous that I would never be able to drink a cup again, but thankfully my love for coffee is back and I couldn't be happier.  I ordered 6 boxes of K-cups this week and they delivered yesterday!!!  I am now good to go through maternity leave. I made sure to order my favorite fall and winter flavors. A business partner of mine told me about a new seasonal flavor by Green Mountain called Pumpkin Spice Latte...and I LOVE PUMPKIN. When I placed my order on Keurig's website they were out as was Green Mountain. Thankfully I found boxes left on amazon and ordered a couple. After trying it this morning i'm wondering if i have enough:) Some other flavors I bought are Timothy's Pumpkin Latter, Cinnamon Pastry, Carmel Vanilla, and Crazy Carmel.  And I stocked up on more bottles of Williams and Sonomona's pumpkin latter syrup to go with, which I'm grateful for because when I went to pick up more pumpkin creamer at the grocery store today they were all OUT!!! I was so sad. So at some point this week I am sure I will go to every grocery store in town in search of a few bottles but my latte syrup will hold me over as the taste is fantastic!

Keurig Love!

Today I slept in! For me that means 8:30 but it was great....and we even laid in bed watching tv for a bit while the boys watched their shows downstairs. After a slow start we got up had brunch and headed into town to pick up my youngest sister and take her to get a laptop. She was so excited! While I kept the boys busy looking at Ipads and they tried out games Chad looked through everything and did on the spot research. He is so great with my family and patient. He found one that will work great for Jessi with all of her honors classes...and she even gets some perks for the social aspects of life. After that we went to a newer yogurt place where you can sample every flavor and then pick flavors and toppings. We went to a place simliar in GA this summer and I saw a Menchies when I was in Madison a few weeks a go...while this place is different it was a huge hit and a fun afternoon activity.  After coming home I started on dinner...and am making a flatbread lasagna with salad, green beans, and crescents.  While going out seemed much more appealing...knowing we have my menu of meals at home made more sense.  As Chad and I reviewed all of the necesities we still need to get for Harper this weekend we are doing our best to stay on budget every month. Have I mentioned how excited I am to meet her! :) 

This week should be busy and I am going back to my office in Chicago for the first time in months. My business partner is driving with me which is a blessing because I am anxious about the drive and being so far from home. But I know that Harper is doing well and the day will fly by.  I think i'll just feel better once i'm down there and back.  We signed Ky up for basketball and anticipate hearing from his coach this week to find out when his practices and games will be. And I found a tennis league for Noah's age and need to sign him up this week. They don't start the next session until November 10th, but he is thrilled! I really hope he enjoys it.  He has been talking about tennis and volleyball ever since the Olympics and I think it is too cute.  I want to get the boys both back into swimming but think I will wait until December after they get a month and half of these sports under their belt.  I'm thankful that Chad only has to go to Chicago once this week. The past two weeks he has been there every days minus two and the long hours with this project he has been working on took a toll on him and me...lol

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Tammy Nelson said...

I LOVE lalove my Keurig !!! I have an abundance od Pumpkin Spice it's sooo good you'll love it !!! And another one by Green Mountain that is perfect for the Holiday Season is French Toast and Gingerbread :) They are awesome :) Sent you an email regarding where I bought Mia's blue dress ! Let me know if you got my email or not !
Have a great week !