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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Enjoying this Season!

This week has been amazing...truly amazing and peace filled! On Monday I met with my OB and had my first amazing appt! I say my first because my others have been filled with so many unknowns, tests, sickness, uncertainty that this one was nothing short of "normal" and wonderful. She even laughed that were able to talk about "normal" stuff and it was great. I was excited to find out that I've only gained nine pounds during this pregnancy. That being said my disclaimer has been that I had a lot of extra cushion to start with. :) Having been laid up for nine weeks after breaking my foot and then stuck again when I tore my meniscus the weight I had lost slowly creeped back, but all of that being said I am thankful for the menu planning and ability to keep my weight where I want it to be this pregnancy. I've been debating whether or not to share our daughter's name on our blog but finally decided too only because I love calling her by name and feel like it already fits her personality so well. Chad and I decided to name her Harper Elizabeth Grace and we are thrilled! I am in continuous awe at all that God has blessed our family with and knowing that this precious baby inside of me continues to grow and is healthy is a blessing that words often can't describe. I find myself wiping tears of joy away on a weekly basis and enjoy our night time ritual of me laying down for bed and her moving around like a little gymnast..I enjoy every moment and fight falling asleep just so I can cherish each moment.  Another favorite time of the week is at church...I'm not kidding every time our woship band starts playing and we worship she starts moving all over the place. I can't help but place my hand on my stomach and pray over my beloved daughter.

In other baby news her closet is almost complete. Chad did a wonderful job of buiding it and I think I found the perfect baskets at Pottery Barn last night but am going to wait until I visit Crate and Barrel next weekend to be sure. I find myself in her room a couple of times a week picking up pieces of her clothes, shoes, and hats and just praying for the days and months to come. I can't wait to hold her in my arms and am pretty sure it's going to take some convincing for me to give her up to visitors.

With all of the changes over the last couple of months; my Chicago office was moved up north, Chad's only traveling to Chicago once a week, and my relationships with many girlfriends have blossomed again it's just been a wonderful season in our lives.  I feel like life has slowed down a bit and more present in my day.  I'm enjoying making meals almost evening night after work and breathing in everything about fall.  Just yesterday I went with a girlfriend to a Thai resteraunt that I've been wanting to try forever and LOVED it! We then made a stop at a neat shop called SERV that has items made by woman from third world countries and officially started my Christmas shopping. My goal is to be done by the end of October and I'm determined to finish by then and not a day later! We then stopped by the mall and I fell in love with Williams & Sonoma's Pumpkin Spiced Latte syrup and had to get a bottle...this morning I enjoyed a cup of coffee with a teaspoon of it and think I will have to pick up a couple more bottles for safe keeping and stocking stuffers. We also stopped by Teavana which is one of my favorite stores! I always feel like a kid in a candy shop and this time was no different. Knowing that I still have a pleathra of tea in my tea basket I was determind to only purchase one new flavor....and I settled on Carmel Almond Amaretti...I haven't tried it yet but just smelling it made me fall in love with it and I have high hopes! My girlfriend bought a carmel salt flavor that we are told blends well with mine so we are going to be sure to try it out at the office next week! And tomorrow we are taking the boys to one of my favorite apple orchards! It's been a tradition for years and i'm so looking forward to making new memories this year!  Wishing everyone a joy filled Saturday and will be sure to post new pics tomorrow!!

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A Tiny Hiney said...

Love, love, love the name Harper Elizabeth Grace!!! So perfect & precious!!! Our baby's name is Presley but we have yet to pick a middle name. Most likely it'll be Presley Rose. I'm enjoying the baby kicks too, best feeling ever!! So sweet that your boys are so involved and excited for her arrival!! <3