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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Enjoying Fall!

I can't believe Tuesday is almost over! This week is just flying by for me. We had an awesome weekend! Friday, Chad and I took Noah and Kylan out for Halloween. I found these awesome T-Rex costumes that were 75% off (I love sales) and they looked so adorable. My boys are 19 months apart and often times it's like having twins...they want what the other has. Many a times I dress them in the same clothes just to keep the peace...this year they wore the same costume and boy did they look cute!! :) I will post pics soon. I'm still trying to figure out how to add a pic below my blog. Please let me know how to do this if you know. Anyhow we took the boys to both of our parents' houses and then to several friends' houses to take pics and load their candy bags. Overall it was just a great family experience for us. I grew up not celebrating Halloween, but would go to Fall Festivals at our church. After having our boys Chad and I were undecided on if we wanted to take them out trick or treating or not. We decided to take them out this year to a couple of our neighbors, and family and friends and are so glad we did. Saturday we spent four hours raking leaves and the boys "helped" and jumped in them. It was a blast and the perfect fall day to be outside. Sunday we had Noah's soccer awards ceremony and that was really cute, until he got his finger stuck in the trohpy on the way home!! Talk about panic. Here we are on the I about 15 minutes from home and he starts screaming that his finger is stuck. PTL I was able to manuever it out without hurting him. And so the week has continued. Kylan also decided to paint our bathroom with my mascara and then the boys painted the carpet in their playroom with Crayola paint while I was out yesterday. Boys will be boys and oh can they be funny! Overall it's been nice to have part of my life back after this last acquistion and i'm enjoying spending my evenings at home with my family and not at home working.... God is so good! Well I just put homemade mac and cheese in the oven and can't wait to try it as it is a new recipe. I love to cook!!! I hope you all have a blessed day! :)


Erika said...

Hi there! I see you were able to figure out how to post pics--You're boys are SO cute! :o)
Sounds like they had a great Halloween!
Thanks for checking out my new cards that I made. I LOVE that paper, too! I usually go to Hobby Lobby, Michaels and GottaScrap--we don't have an Archivers--I've never heard of it.
Now that you know how to post pics...I look forward to seeing more! Have a great day!

Erika said...

Oh!! How did your homemade Mac & Cheese turn out?!? I've been looking for a great recipe so if it was delicious, please share! :o)