" I am the Lord. I change not." Malachi 3:6

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Be still.....

I survived my mid-term and quite honestly I'm pretty sure I aced it! I'm so excited and pleased with how well it went. I ended up taking the afternoon off of work to spend more time studying and am so glad that I did. I finished my mid-term and met my two favorite boys at home. I took them to Mocha Moments to meet my sweet friend Jill, from work, who is going to be watching them on Sunday while Chad and I go to the Bears/Packer game. They have never met her before and I wanted them to be able to interact with her a bit so they wouldn't be worried when they were dropped off on Sunday. She is so sweet and has a huge heart! We have gotten to know each other over the past year and now take a spinning class together at the Y! Until last week she was also my Weight Watcher's partner in crime, but now that I'm expecting I will have to stop seeking to lose weight, although I have every intention of continuing to eat healthy and workout as I have been. So, tonight at dinner Chad told me he thought it would be neat if I was pregnant with twin girls, and you know what...I think it would be also! We have three sets of twins in my family and I'll always said it would be so neat if I got pregnant with twins during my third pregnancy. For some reason I just have this feeling that we are going to have a boy, which don't get me wrong would be wonderful! I know whatever God blesses us with will be welcomed into our family and surrounded by love!!! I desperately want to have at least one girl but we will see what God has in store for our family. His plan is perfect and in that I rest. I've learned so much these past few months about being still and listening to Him, and I mean really being still. There are many nights when I wake up out of a dead sleep and just sit and pray and pour out my heart to him in the middle of the night...and then I wait and be still. It's amazing to me How he uses other people to speak to us. There have been times when I am in prayer about something and then I will be talking with someone and out of knowhere they will start talking about what I'm praying about and I know that is God speaking through them and oh how wonderful it is to have Him as my Savior and be molded by Him! How I long to have a heart like His and to Love like Him....I have SO far to go, but am excited about the journey and all that He is teaching me. I can't imagine not having Him in my life.....My heart breaks for my dear friends and family who do not know Him.

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Erika said...

Way to go on your mid-term!! I always loved it when you get that feeling of "I totally just aced that!!" after taking a test! All the studying paid off!! :o)
My husband got me the Jon & Kate Plus 8 book written by Kate. Have you seen that show? I LOVE IT & even watch the reruns every chance I can! He also got me "I Second that Emotion" by Patsy Clairmont. Have you heard of her--she is one of my FAVORITE authors. Her and Merilyn Meberg. They are both speakers of Women of Faith...that tours all across the US. Anyhow, they are both great speakers, authors and best of all, women of God!
Thanks for the encouragement of patients regarding when it's my turn for the baby news! I struggle with it at times but then I remind myself that God is in control and whatever he has in plan I will follow.
Have a wonderful weekend & I think it was so GREAT if you had twins too!! :o)