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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Decaf Latte w/Whip

So I just got home from Mocha Moments and had a fabulous carmel latte! It was so yum! I went there after work to study for my mid-term on Thursday. I will be so glad to get my last mid-term completed! I'm taking a half day tomorrow so I can study in quiet...it can often be near impossible to study at home with the boys around....:) Plus I would much rather play dinosaurs with them then study... I'm so excited to pick them up after I'm done studying and have some momma time with them. Chad has to run errands after work so the boys and I will have dinner and hang out. This past weekend was a lot of fun. This coming weekend Chad and I are going to a Bears/Packers game in Greenbay and I can't wait. I'm a huge Bears fan and have never been to one of their games. One of my vendors invited us to come and we were thrilled to accept the invite. They have an amazing tailgate party at a house that is right behind Lambeau field and are tickets are right behind the Bears' bench. Of course I will probaly be one of the only Bears fans but that's ok. Chad will make sure to be decked our in Packer gear so we don't get egged...lol

And I saved the best for last....we found out on Saturday that I am expecting. We were quite surprised, but I'm excited to meet this little person that God is bringing into our lives. Chad and I had a good laugh because not even three months ago I sold most of my baby items in a garage sale because we weren't planning on having any more kids for another three years. I guess I should have waited a little longer to get rid of things, but luckily I didn't get rid of all of my maternity clothes... Regardless it's hard to believe that in less than 8 months we'll have another little baby in our home. I've already started making my lists of things that will need to be done...and am in search of boy names. I've had my girl name picked out since we became pregnant with Noah, but haven't had the opportunity to use it yet..:) And we spent months coming up with Kylan's name...so now the search begins again..oh and I should mention that my kids each have two middle names and I plan on carrying that over to our newest addition. Sorry for the rambling post I think the decaf coffee is getting to me.

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Erika said...

YAY! Congrats on expecting another baby! How exciting! I can't wait until we get that good news!! (We have been trying for about 7 months now!!) Hope you are having a great week!