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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tower Tuesday

Today flew by so fast! I walked into work planning on attacking some issues that came up yesterday and was successful, yet they took longer than planned. I had a couple of meetings this afternoon and then it was off to class. I was unsure of what to make for dinner tonight but settled for mesquite chicken with potatoes and corn. It's always quite entertaining having dinner with the boys. I'm not a picky eater by any means nor is Chad, but our boys are..... Kylan, my youngest, only ever wants Peanut Butter and crackers..yep that's what he asks for at breakfast, lunch, and dinner...tonight was no exception. He cracks me up! While I always give him a little of what I make hoping that he will try it...he normally just says "I don't like it" and then good ol Skippy comes out of the pantry. Noah on the other hand decided he would mix his potatoes and corn and paint around his plate with them tonight while I ran to the bathroom. Of course Chad was sitting there the whole time and somehow missed it...lol. The boys and I decided to build a tower with their foam blocks and correlating garages for each of them. It was quite comical watching them put the "tower" together and how serious they took our little project. Now they are off to bed and it's quite time for mom!!! Yeah:) I think i'm going to attempt to make a few cards for some friends who could use a pick me up.

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