" I am the Lord. I change not." Malachi 3:6

Monday, October 27, 2008

Peppermint Monday

Today has been an awesome day!!! Today was our "Go live" date for our newest company we acquired back in July and it was a success!! All of the planning, preparing, and crazy hours paid off. Praise the Lord! I was so thankful that we able to address everything as it came up today and there weren't too many huge fires to put out. I know that more will come up as time progresses but i'm just so thankful for how smoothly the transition process started. Tonight is the first night in months I haven't brought work home with me and i'm thrilled! I'm planning on reading a fiction book after the boys go to bed and just relax. One of my co-works gave me a bottle of an apple cider wine she got up in Northern Wisconsin over the weekend and i'm thrilled to try it.

This weekend was truly wonderful! The boys and I had a wonderful time playing with playdough on Saturday and then went out and played with the leaves. It was a gorgeous crisp fall day! Saturday we did our bi monthly trip to Sam's club which is always fun and then went to Target and Kohls (two of my other favorite stores). I did get to have some mommy time and went over to our scrapbook store and looked around at all of the new holiday paper and stamps. It makes me want to scrap! I'm hoping to get back to doing it this Friday. One of my girlfriends, Amy, and I get together after our kids go to bed and scrap unitl the wee hours and have a blast just catching up. It's been a couple of months since we have done a scrap night and i'm looking forward to some girl time!

Does anyone know how to install the blogger/visit counters on your blog? I married an I.T. guy but am a little slow myself at figuring these things out. I also tried to copy the Not Me Monday button from MckMamma's sight but haven't had any luck. I'm sure it's a simple click here and there and i'm just missing something. Speaking of Not Me Mondays:)....

I did not stop my husband mid sentence after I got home to run and put my bottle of wine in the fridge.
I did not have seconds at M&M's after dinner for a chocolate fix.
I did not beg my husband to run across town to pick up the dog food that I forgot to get at the store.
I did not put my phone on mute so I can enjoy the sound of quiet tonight.

Have a great Monday everyone! We serve an awesome loving God!

Oh and I almost forget to tell you how excited I was when I went grocery shopping and found that my favorite peppermint coffee that is seasonal is now in stock!!! There is nothing like a warm cup of peppermint coffee in the morning. I'm so excited!

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