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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Soccer Saturday

Our oldest son is 4 and "plays" soccer on Saturdays. Our church has a recreation league and it's hilarious! There are 8 four year old teams and they take turns playing each other. Today Noah's game is at 9:00 which is perfect because then we have the rest of the day to hang out together. Chad and the boys are actually going up North to spend time with his parents and I am hanging out with my family, since my sister is home from college for the weekend. It never ceases to amaze me just how fast the weekends fly by. I was driving home last night thinking about all that had to get done this weekend and already my brain is back to Monday. Oh well I think it's just part of where our family is right now. I'm looking forward to having a slow day tomorrow. I don't think we are going anywhere but church so that will be nice. I'm hoping to take some more pictures of the boys this weekend in the leaves as I love fall pictures!!

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Erika said...

Sounds like you keep busy on the weekends too! I don't have any children but somehow I end up thinking of next weeks work tasks on Saturday too. Lovely huh?! Thanks for the compliment on my cards. I just started making them about a month ago...so I'm still new. Do you have your cards posted somewhere? I'd love to see your work.
Talk to you soon!! :o)