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Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday Monday...

Well my Monday started off at 2:30 this morning when Kylan woke up crying for "My Thomas"... Yep he loves Thomas the train and last night he misplaced him and we couldn't find him before it was time for bed. He went down for bed just find but apparently woke up in the middle of the night and remembered he didn't have him. Did I mention he got the flu on Friday and is just recovering or that my husband Chad got the flu last night also? Yep...so needless to say I have been a Clorox wipe freak and have been wiping down every countertop/door nob possible! Luckily Noah (our oldest) hasn't shown any signs of getting it, but i'm not going to hold my breath. I started feeling gross today at work and keep praying that I won't get it. This week is the worst week possible for me to get it, as we are integrating the new company that my company bought back in July this week and it's meeting central. I also have a mid-term on Friday so I need to be able to focus when reviewing. So please pray for me/my family that everyone will get healthy quickly. Really though it's been a good day overall. I made some chocolate chip scones last night and shared them with some girlfriends this morning. Work was non stop until 4:30 when I was able to log into my email for the first time all day...talk about scary! :) Now i'm home and thought i'd post before I attempt my accounting homework I have to do. I'm sitting in my family room looking out at the amazing fall colors outside!! I just love fall and everything about it. I'm hoping to get outside sometime this week and take some good fall pics! Now if I could just make some time to scrapbook or make cards i'd be happy. :) I've been dying to go to Archivers and pick up some fall pages but keep telling myself I need to use my paper I got last year and never used..lol. Have I mentioned that I love to scrapbook? I don't think I have, but I absolutely do!!! Well I'm off to play with the boys and then attempt my homework. Oh and before I forget.... it's "Not me Monday"..which I picked up from MckMamma's blog!

I did not go to Mocha Moments at 5am this morning because I ran out of coffee beans and needed my Mocha!

I did not procrastinate at studying for my mid-term on Friday.

I did not turn the TV on in order to tune out of reality for a minute.

I did not go into my boys' room after we tucked them in to give them kisses one more time before they fall asleep.

I most certainly did not add Not Me Monday to my blog today after already posting because I just love the idea!

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Erika said...

Wow, up at 2:30am, full day of work AND accounting homework?!? Yikes! Don't forget to breathe!! :o)
I have a huge variety of wines that I like. My husband collects them and we like to pair different ones with various foods. My all time favorite is a wine called Seven Heavenly Chards--it's a lovely chardonnay. Other favorites are great pinot grigio's--Danzante & Ecco Domani. I also enjoy reds too mainly during the Fall and Winter.
I'm actually hoping to do a wine-tasting party at my house this Winter...I'm excited!