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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cleaning, Sleeping, and Apples and Peanut Butter

This weekend has been a busy one. Our friend Chris came over yesterday as 10 and went to work on our downstairs installing our new carpet (which I love). He was here until 5 and it is officially done... minus a few pieces of trim around our bar Chad has to install. But I now have my upstairs back and feel so blessed. I feel so blessed through all of this God showed himself and took care of everything...details I wouldn't have even thought of. While Chris was busy working downstairs yesterday, I was a woman on a mission, a cleaning and organizing mission. I took down all of my Christmas decor, cleaned my kitchen, scrubbed my bathroom, and did about six loads of laundry. Yes the laundry fairy hasn't come in a while and I was in need of getting clothes clean. I still have a few loads to complete but got the majority of it done. I also created a list of projects that I would like to complete while on break from school and was determined to make a dent in them yesterday. I love to cook and with that comes many recipes that I print off and go into a manilla folder. The stack has become so large, it is now an icon on my end table in my family room where I spend the majority of my quiet time. I also received supscriptions to Shape, Fitness, Creative Keepsakes, and Scrapbook Memories this past year. With my busy schedule they have often piled up in my scrapbook room or in my totes under my end tables. One of my friends, who I call Martha Stewart, showed me a great tool that she uses to keep her ideas organized. She uses a 3 ring binder and page protectors to keep all layout, craft ideas, and card ideas that she comes across in magazines and then puts little notes on them before putting them in a page protector. What a great idea! I was so excited to begin my project yesterday after cleaning and off to Target I went to stock up on binders and page protectors. I spent the better part of the evening tearing out pages and making piles. It was great and I was so excited to get rid of all of the magazines that have piled up. Noah was my little helper and helped put the pages in the piles for me. It was a fun bonding time for us. I just love my little man. I've finished my scrapbook binder and fitness binder, and started my recipe binder today. The boys, Chad and I had a busy evening getting their playroom all set up and then Chad moved on to his media room. Guys and their surround sound...lol. And so with that I came upstairs to peace and quiet. PTL! I even managed to watch a movie and a half. I watched Tortilla Soup and really liked it!!! So much so that I want to go buy it.

I woke up today and definately paid for everything I did yesterday. I'm sore and have had a headache all day and can't find my tylenol!!! Chad hid all of our pills when my sister was staying with us last week and he can't remember where he put them...ugh!! I have been in my pjs all day and have napped off and on throughout the day. I'm a little frustrated because there was a few more things I wanted to get done this weekend, but my body is saying no.... I've learned over the years to listen to my body so i'm listening. I also craved an apple with peanut butter after I woke up from my last nap and boy was it yummy!!! Now i'm watching football and waiting for the boys to get up from their nap. As far as dinner goes tonight I think it is going to be leftovers. I am craving spanish rice with enchiladas but just don't have the energy to make it. Maybe tomorrow! Overall it's been a wonderful weekend and i'm already getting excited to having part of the summer/fall of with my boys and baby. I can't wait to find out next month what we are having!! I think we stumbled across a boys name we both like. I love the name Micah but Chad isn't a huge fan, nor does he like all of the biblical names that I love, but I came across the name Mason today and we both really like it. Who knows if it will stick but i'm excited I found one we both like. As of right now i'm planning on having another boy and will be pleasantly surprised if I wrong and its a girl. Either way we are just praying for a healthy baby and pregnancy.

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Erika said...

Yay! I'm glad your floors are done! What an accomplishment! You sure had a busy day yesterday! Take it easy! I'm glad to hear your pregnancy is going well! I can't wait to see if it's a boy or girl!! I love the name yall picked...what about a girl name???