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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Spaghetti Tuesday

I'm struggling with morning sickness all day these days and the nausea is driving me crazy, but at the same time a blessing. I lost my second baby (in between Noah and Kylan) and since then I'm always very nervous about getting through the first trimester and thankful every day that I have symptoms that I'm pregnant. My first OB appt is on the 16 and she will do an ultrasound then which will make me feel so much better! I had class tonight and then was going to go right to the gym for spinning with my friend Jill but just couldn't handle it. So I went home and decided on making spaghetti with turkey meatballs. I still can't handle the smell of chicken and am seeking as many new recipes as possible that involve ground turkey or pasta as that is all I can really handle right now. I feel really bad for Chad and the boys because they all love chicken, but seriously just smelling it makes me sick right now. I truly hope I'll get over it soon as up until now I love chicken and cook with it weekly. Anyhow I put my meatballs in the oven and went to boil my noodles when I realized I only had a quarter box of spaghetti noodles...so I ended up adding penne and rigatoni noodles to the mix as well. It still turned out good but the hodge podge mixture of noodles gave my husband a good laugh. Oh well... I'm not sitting with the boys while they are watching The Land Before Time for the hundredth time:) We were all going to venture out to Target (one of my favorite places) to get Noah snow pants...but decided against it as I am so pooped! Otherwise it has been a wonderful day! The week is flying and I am taking a volunteer day on Thursday to make lefse at a local church where the proceeds go to Echo. I've never made lefse before but am really looking forward to it!! Friday I am going to see a hockey game between University of Alaska Anchorage (my home team) and the Wisconsin Badgers (where I currently live) and can't wait. Did I mention I need to continue to cram for my genetics final next week? Pray for me please!!!

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