" I am the Lord. I change not." Malachi 3:6

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Big Day

Today was my first OB appt since we found out we are expecting again. Let me start off with saying that I didn't get any sleep last night! I think I was up almost every 30 minutes and was up at 5:00 busy cl eaning the kitchen and doing laundry just to keep my mind off of my appt. I know that our baby's life is in God's hand but it's the unknown that is always hard to deal with. Well I finally made it to my appt at 8:30 and the appt began. I absolutely love my ob and told her right off the bat that I wanted to be induced again and asked what her vacation looked like for the summer...:) Finally at the end of my appt I had an ultrasound and there was our baby. So beautiful! I could see the baby's heart beating and it was moving it's little arms around. I am measuring 91/2 weeks which is almost two weeks farther along than I calculated, but the baby looks great. My due date is July 16th and I'm so looking forward to having the summer off with the kids. Now if I can just get past the nausea stage I will be happy. We haven't told anyone yet and I can't wait to tell our family at Christmas. I am going to get a frame for each of our parents which three picture spot and put one of Noah, one of Ky, and a copy of the ultrasound in the last spot.... I can't wait to see their reactions. Ann Taylor Loft has been one of my favorite places to ordeor maternity clothes. I have received awesome coupons from them and today received another box of clothes... 2 pairs of pants that were originally $74 for $17...can't beat that and I love the quality!! I also got this adorable shirt.

Besides baby...things are going great! I have one final down and one more to go. I'm going to Schaumberg on Friday with one of my girlfriends and can't wait. I love the Cheesecake Factory and can't wait to have a slice. This weekend Noah is singing in his first Christmas program, Kylan's godfather is coming up from IL to bring the boys' Christmas gifts and say hi, Sunday's my birthday and Chad and I are going out for dinner to one of my favorite restaurants. OH and my sister in law is coming home on Sat. from the Dominican Republic where she is a missionary. I can't believe that next week is Christmas! I can't believe how quick it has come up and I will be sad when it is over. It's been exciting to share the story of Jesus's birth with our boys and I love talking to them about Mary, Joseph, and Jesus. It is my desire that our sons grow up to love Jesus and accept Him as their savior. I pray for them and their walk with Him daily and look forward to watching them grow. I feel blessed to be a mother.


Erika said...

Yay! I'm glad your OB appointment went great today! I'm sure a weight a lifted from your shoulders. Sounds like you have a busy schedule between now and Christmas--I LOVE the idea of a 3 picture-slot photo for your parents. What an exciting moment!! I hope you have a Happy Birthday, this is my favorite time of the year...I wish my b-day was around this time! :o)

Abbie said...

Congrats on your great OB appointment. I, too, love Ann Taylor Loft, and their maternity sales are great right now. :)

May God bless that sweet little baby growing inside of you!