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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Needles, Apple Pie, and All Recipes.Com

Today has been a calm quiet day! I woke up pretty early and since I was working from home today I started my keurig and got comfy in my favorite chair laptop in hand.  And it was a productive day via work.  I normally work the day before most holidays unless we are traveling because most people are off and I get so much organizing done. Today was no exception and I loved it!  The one thing I had scheduled was my appointment with my hematologist to discuss my blood thinners and our plan for labor and post delivery. Now why I made that appt the day before Thanksgiving I have no idea..but the Dr.'s office was quiet and I think the nurses were trying to rush me in so they could leave. :)  The great news is we are still on track with our plan. I will take my lovenox shots for two more weeks and then switch over to heparin shots. The only downside is that with the heparin shots I have to take two a day and not one. Yikes! My stomach already looks like a battlefield from the bruises I get from my lovanox shots, but I'll take them.. No problem here! And then once I have Harper in 47 days or less:)...I will move to coumadin and take that for 6-8 weeks and then go back  to see my hematologist and assess how things are going.  So all in all a successful appointment and I'm pleased with our plan.

After my doctor appt I headed home to pick up Noah and Ky and take them over to my mom's to say hi to my Grams who flew in from South Carolina on Monday. She is staying at my moms until Friday so it was nice to stop over and see her and catch up a bit.  The boys made themselves right at home and requested peanut butter and jelly sandwiches upon arrival..they are always hungry it seems!

Since both my mom and Chad's family live in town we do our best to rotate holidays to be fair to everyone and make it so that we aren't running around the day of a holiday and are constantly looking at our watches.  So this year is what I call our off year and we will spend it with his family.  While they always have a nice spread it's just not the same as my family's Thanksgiving dinner which i love.. :)  And because my mom knows this she made me my own apple pie to take home and is going to make extra stuffing and turkey for us!! :) I'm so excited because those three items are my favorite and it's just not Thanksgiving without them. :)  So I brought my apple pie home and might have grabbed a fork as soon as I got in the door and had several bites while I decided what in the world I was going to make for dinner. Did I have a menu plan for the next two weeks that included dinner for tonight...yes....could I find it when I walked in...no....and did I feel like cooking....Big NO! But I knew that I should so I pulled up allrecipes.com which I LOVE LOVE and started looking for an easy chicken recipe to make. And I found one that is now cooking in the oven...a Baked Parmesan-Crusted Chicken Breast: http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Baked-Parmesan-Crusted-Chicken/Detail.aspx . Even better it was really easy and only took minutes to prepare! The longest period of time is letting it cook and I'll make the potatoes right before it finishes. I'm excited to see how it turns out and even more pleased with myself that I didn't cave and order in or carry out.

After dinner we plan on watching a movie and just cuddling with the boys and tucking them in and hopefully going to bed early myself. Tomorrow I will make our traditional cinnamon rolls for breakfast and enjoy watching the parades! I do love Thanksgiving and the traditions that come with it. I have so much to be Thankful for this year and will share more on that topic tomorrow!


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