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Sunday, November 25, 2012

And the Christmas Music Begins!!!

Their own tree!
In our family we usually always put the Christmas tree up the day after Thanksgiving. My mom always did when we were growing up and it's a tradition I've tried to carry on once I moved out and lived on my own. Fall is my favorite season but Christmas is my favorite holiday for many many reasons. One of them is the fun of putting up the Christmas decor with the family, laughing, listening to Christmas music, and getting our home ready for another year of Christmas memories. As the boys get older they have more of an opinion every year on what decorations we should add to our collection. This year they asked for blow up animals outside....to which I said no. I just can't bring myself to get any. I LOVE white Christmas lights and those are what we put up outside. The boys really want colored lights and I think this year after Christmas I will cave and buy some for next year. We had a blast putting up the tree and Christmas decor all over the house! As we finished Ky said "Mom I think we should get a Christmas tree for our room so we can decorate it and look at it.." I don't know why I've never thought of it, but the more I thought about it I thought it would be a fun addition to their room for Christmas. So today while Chad and I were running errands we picked up a miniature tree and some colored lights and surprised the boys. They were thrilled and had a blast picking our ornaments to put on it from the boxes I had left over.


Having a serious conversation about ornament placement. :)
 Afterwards Ky and I decided to work on a puzzle together and pulled out one that hadn't been opened and was 250 pieces. Yikes! We started with one that was 25 pieces and Ky did that quickly. He was so cute because when I asked him if he wanted to turn the Christmas tree on he said yes and then dimmed all of the lights upstairs so it would feel "more like Christmas"...loved it! We spent over an hour and half working on the puzzle and did finish it. It was a wonderful time spent talking with him and bonding. Noah came up towards the tail end and helped us and now it's adorning our coffee table for proud reviews.

Tomorrow brings us right back to Monday and I for one am not ready for the work week. I've enjoyed having Thursday off and working from home in yoga pants on Friday followed by a fun filled weekend. That being said I am most likely doing the same tomorrow as our stroller/car seat are supposed to be delivered and I don't want to miss it! I also have my 33 week appt and can't wait to see how Harper is doing. We have our 3D/4D ultrasound on Thursday evening and I'm getting so excited to see her precious face and features. It will be so much fun having the boys with us and I hope they enjoy the experience. I know they will love her to pieces when she gets here but right now all they talk about is how they don't want her ponies and barbies with their toys downstairs. I find this completely humorous since we have neither for her and have tried to explain to them that she very well could be a tom boy and that even if she's not she will have her own space..lol. The things they worry about.

Have a wonderful Monday!

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