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Sunday, November 18, 2012

32 weeks, baby shower, and Gigi's cupcakes!

It's hard to believe that in 50 days or less if she comes early...Harper will be here! I am in awe and hot fast the last few weeks have gone. No sooner do I get through Monday then it seems like Friday is here.  I am doing my best to enjoy every moment of this pregnancy as there is a good chance this will be my last pregnancy carrying a baby. We are undecided if we will have one more but we feel strongly about adoption if we do decide down the road to expand our family. That being said Harper is doing great! I am measuring two weeks ahead but had an ultrasound this past Monday to make sure she was ok and she looks awesome! She was measuring in a 3.4 pounds and looked so stinkin cute. We were able to see a great picture of the front view of her face and I couldn't stop the tears from flowing! We also made an appt to get a 3D/4D ultrasound at a place that does them in Madison in a couple of weeks and I'm so excited!

So much has been going on here and I'm excited to write it all down so I don't forget any of it. Last Saturday was my family/friends baby shower. My sister Ash hosted it and did such an amazing job! She is so detailed and organized and just showered us with love. One of the neatest memories of my shower was that my best friend, Carm, surprised me and flew in from GA just for my shower!! And even better her husband, my husband, and her all kept it a secret from me!! I was in shock and then screamed alot because I was so excited to have her here to share in the weekend. The shower was at my favorite coffee shop and some of my family from Chicago drove up and many of my amazing friends came. The food was amazing and the company even better. I made it to introductions without crying but the tears started as everyone went around the room to introduce themselves. I looked at all of the people who came and was so humbled by their love and support. As I looked at each of them memories came flooding back to all of the different seasons that each of them have been there with me for. Some of them I've known for a short season in my life, others have been in my life since I was born. I am so blessed to have each of them in my life and know that Harper is already loved more then she will ever know and she's not even here. Here are a few of my favorite pics from the shower!

My best friend Carm (also known as "my person"

Sue and Nat- Have known them since I moved here!

Dawn and I- We went to middle school and high school together in Alaska and then she moved to WI five years ago!

Our sons!

Nena, I, Thomas, Nat, and Ash- Love them all!

Carm made this tutu and outfite for Harper!

Ash and our youngest sister Hess

After the shower Carm and I sat in Harper's room and went through everything and organized it. It was so much fun to look at the neat things our friends and family blessed us with.  It makes it all so real and even more excited for her to get here.

Carm's flight was canceled on Monday due to storms our east and it was great to have her here for another day. I had to work but she caught up on some shows and after I worked we made dinner and laughed and just talked. I don't know if you've even seen the Grey's Anatomy episode with Meredith and Christina where Christina tells Meredith she's her person but Carm and I always refer to that episode and are so thankful to have each other in our lives. She is one of the only people that I can say has been in my life for more than half of my life and I just thinks awesome.

The rest of the week flew with work, the boys sports, and trying to get closets cleaned out and make additional room for Harper's things. After researching and reresearching car seats and strollers we finally settled on this Peg Perego travel system and I'm so excited for it to get here!!

I think it has a little sass to it and will look great in my black car..lol. I am such a freak about color coordination...I also found some JJ Cole car seat covers and head support cushions to go with it, but want to wait until it gets here and I can see the shades of color up close before I decide on the granite or white.  The last item I need to pick out is a diaper bag. I have been looking and looking and looking some more and can't make up my mind. Here's the thing..I don't want a diaper bag that looks like a diaper bag..I want it to be trendy but look like a purse or at least not babyee...(does that make sense?) I've been looking at bags on rosenberryrooms.com and just can't make a final decision. I still have a little time but would like to get one picked out and ordered so I can get it organized too.

And speaking of organized I did just that this week. I couldn't sleep one night (which is pretty much every night lol) but this particular night I got up at 3:22 am and decided to clean out my hallway closet, bathroom drawers and organize them and the rest of Harper's room. I then sat down and made my final list of what we need for Harper before she get's here. I'm happy to say it's down to less than ten items and we marked off another one this weekend. Cloth diapers!!! Call me crazy but i'm really excited to try them. If you would have mentioned cloth diapers to me when I had Noah or Ky I would have told you you were crazy BUT my friend Dawn has an 11 month old and uses them and has raved about them since he was born. So much so that i've spent the better part of two visits watching her explain her process in his nursery and having my own consultation at the cloth diaper store in Madison. After talking with Chad about it he agreed and so today we drove up to Madison to the neatest cloth diaper store that had many other neat baby/mother items and bought everything we need to be successful at cloth diapering!! I know that I still have a bit to reread and already thanked Dawn in advance for her mentoring me through this as I know I will be talking to her frequently when Harper gets here and we use them. Here's a pic of what we left with. I took two pics and one of them(the left side of the table) didn't load to my laptop..but you get the idea.

  After we bought the diapers we went to a fun resteraunt and did some shopping. And to end the afternoon we stopped by Gigi's Cupcakes!!! The boys and I love to watch Cupcake Wars!!! And for the last couple of months we have talked about finding a local cupcake shop. And I did but we haven't had the opportunity to go until today...and it was so cute and fun! I ordered a mini dozen to go after we sat and each tried one. They were so rich and filling!

All in all we've had a fun filled weekend and have made so many precious memories.  This season has been filled with so many emotions and the one that I feel often is greatful. God has truly blessed our family in so many ways.

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