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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Thirteen weeks, 4th of July, and Sunday:)

This weekend has been wonderful in so many ways. Saturday started with a pedi at my favorite spa! Jessie who has done my nails for the last 6 years is just a joy and I love talking with her while she does my toes. The funny thing is I don't like feet...AT ALL, but after having my first pedi 8 years ago I was hooked. I try and go every six weeks in the summer and just love the Caribbean scrub and pampering...what girl doesn't. :)

Unfortunately the heat was so hot that I stayed on the couch all day and didn't get out of the house like I hoped. BUT today was so much better weather wise! It dropped 15 degrees and was in the high 80s this am and low 90s this afternoon. I met my girlfriend Mich this morning at Starbucks. I had a smoothie (oh how I miss my coffee but can't handle the smell) and we sat outside and chatted for an hour. Mich is pregnant too and we are due three days apart. We are both being induced and are going to make sure it's not on the same day. We were pregnant at the same time when I was pregnant with Mason. Her son, C, will be three at the end of the month and has such a special place in my heart. It's crazy to think that Mason would be three this year. Anyhow we are both excited to be on maternity leave together and are talking about taking a family trip to SC with our families in March. It will be so great to enjoy motherhood together and spend time with our babies making memories. After we had coffee we went for a walk on the trail by her home and enjoyed the sun and nice breeze. It felt so good to get some exercise! After that we looked at decor for her downstairs and I helped provide placement guidance. :) Afterwards she made these amazing veggie paninis! And then I headed home around 12:00 to spend time with the men in my life.

Chad finished our deck today! I'm so proud of all of his hard work and can't wait to stain it when we get back from vacation. Then we just need to add the LED lines, light strands and furniture and it will be up and running again. :) As soon as he was done we all got our swimming suits on and headed over to his parents for some fun in their pool. We played pool volleyball, marco polo, and floated on the noodles..it was so relaxing. They invited us to stay for dinner, which I'm sure Chad welcomed because i was planning on salads and smoothies for dinner and his dad made steak and potatoes which is ones of Chad's favorites.Overall it's been a wonderful weekend.

Noah always wears his headphones during fireworks

Ky was such a ham that night!

I had a great 4th shirt for Ky but we bought him sleeveless shirt on the 4th and he had to wear this one. :) They were so excited for the fireworks!

Ky in his swim gear! I wish the shade/sun didn't interfere so much. I tried getting a pic of both boys but they weren't having it. Next Time!
And lastly just a few pics from the 4th and this afternoon to share!

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