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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

14 weeks and a trip to Madison

I'm a little late in posting my 14 week update but it was a busy weekend and i've been too lazy to upload my pictures until tonight. I entered my 14th week on Sunday. This past week i've started to feel a little more energetic, my appetite has normalized a bit, and i've been able to stay up past 8:00. Chad and I went out on a date on Friday to a Japanese resteraunt and had a blast! We then took a trip over to Babies R Us where we spent almost two hours just looking at everything. It's amazing how much gets added to the market in just a few years. It was fun looking at the baby furniture and i think we have it narrowed down to ourtop three sets. We also went to Home Depot on Sunday and picked out paint samples for the baby's room and the boys' room. We picked up one more sample tonight and I think have the colors picked out. Ky wants to help Chad paint the boys' room so I think Chad is going to start priming this weekend and have Ky help before the boys and I leave for Carm's house next Wed. The goal was to have the rooms painted while i'm at Carm which i'm so excited about. I think Chad has changed my mind and we are going to find out the sex of the baby. I told him that the only reason i'm opposed to finding out and sharing (because i already feel strongly its a boy) is because I don't want to listen to people ask me if i'm dissapointed it's a boy and not a girl. We truly just want a healthy baby and I would be beyond thrilled if it's another boy. To be honest i'm not sure I would believe them if they told me it was a girl..lol Because I feel so strongly that it's a boy. :) The few days i've wanted nachos...i bought queso, warm that up, put sour cream, and salsa on top and love it. It's not healthy by any means but hits the spot. Chad even made some for dinner and I think he is a fan too. :)

On Saturday we headed to Madison, where we LOVE to spend a lot of our time, and enjoyed the farmers market, childrens museum, lunch at Bluephies, and a Trader Joe's run. It was a blast from start to finish.The famer's market had a neat art exhibit all over the square and I could have spent hours looking at all of the artwork. The boys love the market and were entertained for almost an hour and then we knew we needed to switch gears and head over to the children's museum. We went about two years ago and walked out right away..not impressed at all. But last year they did a huge overhaul and it's amazing! We spent almost three hours there experiencing each floor and laughing a lot. It was so much fun watching the boys take it all in.

After the children's museum we went to Bluephies, which many of my friends rave about. We had never been before but it's been on my bucket list for a while. It did not disappoint. It was actually a profound lunch for our little family. Over lunch the boys started talking about the baby names we have picked out. If its a boy we are leaning towards Brody Mason. Mason we are set on but Brody we are going back and forth on. Kylan asked why we picked the name Mason and we had a great talk with them about their little brother being in heaven with Jesus and answered many of the questions they had. They boys were 3 and 4 when Mason died and while they came up to the hospital they didn't go to his funeral and don't remember the conversations we had with them then or shortly thereafter. While Chad and I talk about Mason often we 've waited for the right time to talk to them about Mason. And this Sat over lunch it was a bittersweet conversation. I just love my little men and their hearts.This week is going well so far...i'm heading to the city tomorrow and staying with my sister who will be there on business as well. We have been able to have dinner together the past few Wednesday and i've crashed at her hotel which has made my Chicago commute so much more desireable! I can't believe a week from tomorrow I am off for two weeks and three days. I'm beyond excited for the time away. Before I close I want to share some fun pics from out time at the museum.

They could have stayed at this spot for hours!

They bring so much joy to our lives

Ky loves muscle shirts this summer!

The boys had some serious engineer conversations here..

Discussed dreams of flying :)

And a trip wouldn't be complete with a Ky look.

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