" I am the Lord. I change not." Malachi 3:6

Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Waiting Game

This morning I got up early and headed to the grocery store for my bi-monthly big grocery shopping. I made it home by 6, baked breakfast, and we got the boys ready for their last soccer game. It's amazing how fast their season has gone! I've enjoyed spending my Saturday mornings watching them run around and start to learn the skills that go along with the game. Unfortunately I started spotting a bit this morning also. My ob says it's normal but my heart sunk right away and now i'm just waiting. Our ultra sound is this coming Friday bright and early and i'm praying that everything goes ok between now and then, but I nervous and anxiously waiting. I've been in prayer off an on all day and know that Lord has His hand on my pregnancy and while I trust Him my heart is heavy as I don't want to lose this baby. After the boys soccer games we met us with our friends Natalie and Louis at the park with their two kids for a play date. I welcomed the distraction and enjoyed watching our kids play together. Natalie was by my side when Mason died and I reached out to almost immediatley with our good news with baby bean. She was a great listener today and I know that I need to just rest in Him but at this moment I am having a hard time resting period. We've spent the rest of the day outside relaxing..minus Chad. We are redoing our deck (ie Chad is) and he removed our old railing and is pressure washing the deck, prepping it for staining tomorrow. I took my stack of Food and Wine and Shape magazines outside and went through all of them pulling out the articles/recipes I wanted to keep. Now i'm debating what cleaning I should work on, baths for the boys and maybe a run to pick up some movies. I love movie night and think it might do me some good to keep my mind busy. If only tomorrow was Friday....

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