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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Family Dinner

There is something about family dinners that I just love! The craziness of getting the meal ready, table set, and of course having everyone gather around the table to make memories. That is exactly what we did last night. During the week we always eat dinner at the table...it's something that Chad and I feel is very important. Occasionally we will eat in the media room with TV trays and watch a movie but normally we all meet at the table.  This Friday was no exception however I invited my sister Nena over and my sister Ash offered to make family dinner. I was so excited! Chad made sure we had enough firewood for a good fire once is got dark, nena brought chocolate for the smores, and Ash made this amazing spread of lasagna, salad, and garlic bread...It was amazing! As Ash was preparing the meal the rest of sat at the table playing uno. The boys had a blast and the giggles we many.  Once it got close we all helped getting the table set and serving the plates. All week I have looked forward to having two of my sisters over, making some memories, and having many laughs. And boy did we! After dinner we rested for a bit because I think all of our stomachs were ready to explode, and then we piled outside to the fire pit. I gave Chad the fire pit for Father's Day last week and it's been a huge hit. Chairs around and the smores station ready we all took turns making our smores and enjoying them. Then came story time....the flashlight was passed and we all took turns telling funny stories and continued to laugh as the evening continued. The boys went in with Ash and Nen around 10:00 and Chad and enjoyed some time outside just talking.  It was the perfect end to a really long week and I'm already thinking about our next family dinner and who to invite. I have a feeling it's going to be a really great weekend!

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