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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day and a few updates

I don't have many memories of celebrating Father's Day with my dad as a child....he was usually overseas or deployed. And I think that as I got older and things got worse I blocked out many holidays, father's day included.  Being married to Chad and watching him as a father has been a life changing experience. It's not because of one huge thing he's done but rather all of the small every day things he does as father.  I remember the day Noah was born and Chad helped him..one of the few times I've seen Chad cry in my life.  It was profound.  And as Chad's journey of being a father began I've had the privilege to stand by his side, be his wife, and mother to our children. But I can tell you that I love nothing more than to listen to him with the boys....the giggles in the bath, or the stories he tells the boys followed by his special prayer with them every night before they go to bed. I love watching him teach them how to fish, or discover bugs, or gather sticks, or play games.  I love to seem him love our boys and watch them look at him with awe and love.  There are many days that I cry tears of happiness because I know just how blessed we are to have him in our lives and to lead our family.  My children don't know any different and for that I'm truly thankful, but not having a father like Chad only makes me cherish these special moments my children experience in their every day lives. 

This father's day has been relaxing and fun. I got up early and went grocery shopping, home by 7:00 and made Chad's favorite breakfast. The boys each picked out a card for Chad at Target and were in giggles this morning signing the cards getting them ready for daddy to read. After we finished breakfast he opened then and we all ended up laughing and the fun stories the boys shared about their cards.  Ky's card was a musical one that played the theme song from rocky..which lead to a boxing competition in our living room. I surprised Chad with a fire pit for Father's Day and enjoyed helping him put it together...well at least help hold ends while he used his tools and did his magic. The boys helped get branches together and we are anticipating our first fire tonight after it gets late. the boys spent the afternoon outside playing a game of soccer and I attempted to make a dent in my 30 magazines that have taken up my end table for way to long.

I like to go through them all and take out the pages/articles I want to keep. Call me crazy but I love to buy page protectors and organize them by category in binders. Unfortunately I'm three magazines down and about 27 to go. Ugh...but I so want to get caught up and mark it off of my list. For dinner I'm making a new pasta dish with fresh corn on the cob. I took a chance and grabbed a few ears at the store this morning and hope they are good...We just love corn and I for one could eat it every day! I made Chad's favorite brownies for dessert and have enjoyed being home as a family. We spent all day yesterday out and about going out for lunch, visiting a car museum, and a round of go cart fun (Chad, his dad, and the boys) so a relaxing Sunday has been welcomed by all. We might make a stop at the video store to pick out a movie but we'll see.

On the baby front things with Baby Bean are going well.  We had out first ultrasound a week ago on Friday and the baby's heartbeat looks great as does the baby. This past Wednesday i started to have cramping followed by more blood than I'm comfortable with on Thursday and ended up racing to the hospital for an ultrasound, sure that I was losing the baby. When the tech showed me the baby and it's heartbeat and everything looked ok I couldn't stop the tears of happiness, and while the doctor reported back that everything looked fine I've felt off since then. I don't know if it's the heat or just this pregnancy but it was a rough end to the week. I started to question everything again on Thursday, did we tell the boys too soon, should I not have gone to the chiropractor....anything and everything crossed my mind. And slowly the peace came...after many prayers and tears I rested. And today is my ten week mark. I'm excited to be two weeks from getting through my first trimester but honestly am having a hard time enjoying the moment. I continue to think ahead and want to fly by each milestone and get to the point where the baby can deliver safely. I've been told what I'm feeling is "normal" for someone who has miscarried before and experienced a son being stillborn...however nothing about this pregnancy feels normal besides the morning sickness.  Thankfully I am surrounded by amazing friends, sisters, and a husband who are nothing short of amazing.  So with that I'm headed back to my stack of magazines while the boys watch a duck show on A&E with Chad and then getting ready for family dinner and enjoying some more memories.

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