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Sunday, February 1, 2009

PJ Party

It's been a wonderful weekend! Yesterday I spent some time with my mom and at a new coffee shop in town and had a wonderful time. Then the boys and I made a new batch of pladough...photos coming soon:) I met up with on of my girfriends for dinner at her place with another friend and had a blast. It was pretty funny because we are both expecting and our other girlfriend wanted to order take out from Texas Roadhouse...well my M and I are having a hard time eating meat in general and quite honestly nothing on the menu sounded good....except for the sides and amazing dinner rolls....so that's exactly what her and I ordered. Let me tell you I haven't had a baked potato that good in a long time! This morning I slept in until 7:30 which was wonderful and I headed back to bed a 9:00 for a three hour nap which was awesome and quite honestly I might just take another nap when the boys go down here in an hour. We have named today pajama day and I'm planning on staying in them all day. My mom and sisters were going to come over for the superbowl but she hasn't been feeling good and will not be coming after all. Her other tests came back abnormal and quite honestly the diagnosis isn't looking so good. She has another appt on Thursday and are hoping to know more then. I started classes last week and will be spending quite a bit of my time at the coffee shop this semester studying. It is nice to have just one class this semester but the work will be like taking two. I have a paper to finish writing this afternoon after nap number two. :) I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday with family and friends!

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