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Friday, March 28, 2014

My Sweet Girl

I find it so easy most days to get overwhelmed when I think about all I still need to get done before crashing at night...laundry, dishes, go through the kids folders, open mail, and on and on. However over the last year I've relaxed ALOT and have enjoyed more times then not letting the dishes sit, not picking up every mess and sitting with the kids and enjoying these moments. I know all to well how fast the time goes and when I look at Harper and the boys I don't want to miss it. I want to relish playing with the books, stacking the blocks, tickling their feet, and listening to them laugh. In ten years when I look back I'm not going to remember or care if my laundry was put away every night but I know they and I will both remember the times we spent together. 
I went to my first Stella & Dot party last week and now I know why I've waited so long to go....I'm hooked:) I had so much fun with girlfriends and looking at their jewelry! I've noticed some really pretty kelly green drop earrings on a few other blogs and decided to step out of my comfort zone and order a pair. I love jewelry and am fascinated by my sisters who always wear such fun items! Me on the other hand I wear my wedding ring, the same silver band on my right hand, the same silver hoops in my ears, and flip between two necklaces every day. While I have a lot of fun pieces I just keep it simple most days. Of course the pair I ordered is on back order but I can't for them to arrive! They also have a precious children's line and I spotted a few things for H.:) I think she's a fan too!
This sweet girl melts my heart daily. Tonight we are headed to a basketball game and tomrrow I have a friend and her kids coming over for a movie date to watch Frozen! There is also a rumor we might see the 60s on Sunday! I can't wait!


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