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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

It's still cold outside!

Here in the Midwest we still have fresh snow on the ground and it doesn't feel like spring! The sun has been out and while it appears to be warmer as soon as we step outside we are reminded otherwise. That did not stop is from a suprise Cherry Berry run after school yesterday! We don't go there often and we had to pick up Noah's glasses close by so I thought I would suprise the boys with a sweet treat. They were thrilled!
We enjoyed our evening at home and Uncle Michael stopped over for dinner and catch up! Chad used his grill (grilling season is here!!) and made amazing New York strip steaks!! Yum! I normally don't love love steak but will probably be getting more at whole foods the next time I go.
Harper loves being where the boys are! Their play room and our media room are both downstairs so oftentimes she will hold onto the gate at the top of the stars and call for them...she can't say their names yet but we all know she's trying to get their attention. I took her downstairs last night to check things out and she thought she was pretty big stuff playing with their controllers.
While I didn't get to putting away the laundry or half of the other things on my list I was content letting it go and just enjoying the moments we had as a family. It never hurt anyone to look through a basket for clothes:)


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