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Friday, April 8, 2011

A Quiet Friday

This week has been a busy one...but it started off great! Last weekend I got the spring fever bug and went to town around my house cleaning like a crazy women...unfortunately that will carry over to this weekend because I didn't get everything done..but I still enjoy cleaning:) I'm a dork I know. Monday I was able to WFH and went and saw my sweet friend J and her precious new baby girl M. J and I met at work several years ago and became friends fast...she was my WW accountability partner, introduced me to raspberry zinger tea with honey when I was pregnant with Mason and was there for me after he died. Her friendship blessed me during a season of my life when I didn't realize just how much I needed someone to listen. Unfortunately with me working 1.5 hours away now we don't get to see each other as much as I would like and I was quite deliquent in stopping over to see her and her precious baby after she had her, BUT that aside it was great to see the precious baby girl that she had been so excited to have. It's so awesome to see how couples go from being newlyweds to having little families...and embracing parenthood and all that comes with it. I've enjoyed being a mom and watching my babies grow up but i'm also enjoying watching my friends start to have babies of their own and have something else in common. After Monday the week flew! Work has been constant and crazy and good. I feel blessed to be where I am at and even though I've had more tiring days then I'd like to admit I still smile at the end of the day and am thankful for the opportunity.  I closed up shop around 4:30 and headed back home and played a couple of rounds of around the world with Noah and Ky and had a blast! We put together a simple dinner and I made some eggs with peppers and salsa for me. I started a 10 day cleanse using advocare http://www.advocare.com/ on Monday and have really enjoyed it!! I'm already down 5 pounds in the first five days...am still feeling full after eating but have cut out all refined sugar, dairy, and wheat. One days 11-24 I will reintroduce 30% of the foods I eat back into my diet and take MNS and a few other vitamins. And i'm enjoying it...it's natural, healthy, and really helping me refocus on what I am putting into my body. And did I mention i'm on the countown for my Napa vacation in August and South Carolina vacation in October...I want to be back in my cute clothes and feel better about myself..I know with making smart choices and continuing my workouts I can do it. I'm pumped! Ok so back to my Friday evening...did I mention it's quiet? Nena is out at a friend's house spending the night...the boys are bathed and sleeping and Chad is having time with his friends.  And i'm listening to KLOVE and enjoying the quiet time to sit and think.  I have to put my grocery list together and cut coupons and then I think i'm going to find a good movie on Netflix and just enjoy some mommy time. This weekend will be busy but should be fun in the same breath. I'm WFH again on Monday so i'm looking forward to the reprieve.

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