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Saturday, April 16, 2011

More spring cleaning...and snow?

This weekend has started off to be a wonderful one... Nen introduced me to Zumba couple of weeks ago and I'm hooked! So much so that we were out of the house at 7:15 this morning to go to our zumba toning class and got an awesome workout in!! It was awesome and i'm guessing we will be sore tomorrow! Just a guess:) After Zumba we ran back home got cleaned up had breakfast and took the boys to their swim lessons.. taking them every Sat morning has become one of the highlights of my week. Its been so much fun to watch them get better every week and make so much progress. Today they learned how to tread water and they both looked so darn cute! Afterwards Chad and I decided to continue tackling our spring cleaning list and spent a good part of the afternoon going through tote after tote in their playroom, tossing some, yard sale piles, keep but pack away, and play room ready :) But we finished and it looks awesome! The boys can actually go through all of their toys and not get so overwhelmed. It's always my goal to go through their playroom at least twice a year and I love deep cleaning.. I was hoping to get our upstairs finished today but I think we are still going to have some open items tomorrow... which is fine by me because we are having a wonderful time watching a movie as a family tonight and laughing. I'm all for lounging around in our pjs and watching movies together as a fam...it saves money and still makes for a great family night. I'm trying to multi task and am failing miserabley so until tomorrow have a blessed evening!

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moca mama said...

Spring is defiantly here. We are also doing some spring cleaning; i love the feeling of new beginning that this season brings, nice blog. ; )