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Monday, April 20, 2009


One of my best friends turns thirty tomorrow. We've both been through a lot these last few months and I thought it would be a nice surprise for her to take her on a day trip....destination unknown to her. I've never been to Galena, IL but a girlfriend I work with has and raves about it...especially Galena Cellars...an amazing winery. So Galena was my destination and slowly my plan fell into place. I told M to be ready by 7am yesterday....and the day begin. Let me begin by saying that M is NOT a morning person...but I am and wanted to get an early start because it is a little over 2 hours to Galena. I made blueberry scones the night before and picked up hot chocolate for her. I met her at the door with camera in tow and gave her, her first gift. Two more are to follow this week... We got to Galena...which is a small town, but Main street is full of amazing shops and restaurants. We started at Galena Cellars and tasted 12 wines....fortunately/unfortunately I liked 11 of the 12 and knew my husband would have a heart attack if I came home with 11 bottles of wine especially since I just brought home 4 bottles on Friday after visiting a local winery. So M and I decided to each pick out 3 bottles (different ones) and we made a pack to drink the bottles with each other. Plus we decided while we were there that it would be a great Mother's day gift for our moms, so it looks like we'll be going back the end of June. After the winery we went and visited all of the amazing shops and loved them!!! We ate lunch at this place called Durty Gurtz and it was awesome!!!!! The funny part was while we were driving home I thought we were both going to start falling asleep because it started to rain.....so we whipped out some white cheddar popcorn that we got from this amazing popcorn shop and ate half the bag just to try and wake us up..it worked for about 20 minutes. I was planning on making chicken parmesan over wheat penne for dinner but after I took the wrong turn and got us lost for 40 minutes we opted for pizza hut and wine:) I crashed on the couch in the media room at 6:30 and didn't wake up until Chad moved me to go to bed.

While yesterday was amazing I felt horribly sick today. I've been back on Weight Watchers since the week after Mason died and my body has detoxed so eating all of that unhealthy food made me feel horrible. I left work at 9:30 this morning and came home and slept for five hours straight...I think for many reasons I just needed it. I went to spinning class tonight and a run and was back to my healthy routine food wise and feel so much better tonight.

It was fun to make new memories with M, laugh, try some new wine, and get a way for a bit.

As I sit here tonight it feels good to work out and get my feelings out in a healthy way...but as I sit here I miss Mason...I miss my baby...


visitgalena said...

Sounds like you had a great getaway to Galena. You definitely found some great places to shop and dine! Hopefully you can come back again an relive fond memories. You friendly hosts for visitor information... Galena/Jo Daviess County CVB

Erika said...

What a great day!!! You are a wonderful BF, I bet M was so surprised and thankful for your friendship! If I'm ever in that area, I'll have to put Galena on my visit list. I love wineries and especially if you enjoyed 11 out of 12!!! Must be delish! Enjoy your Sunday!!

Colleen said...

LOVE Galena--my DH and I were married there =) We're in WI too, but it's only a 20" trip for us