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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Precious L, Carm, and Family

The past few days have been busy! Friday was my last full day working and I was bombarded all day by people who needed to check with me on "one last thing". And then I left my out of office audix on my phone and email and shut everything down. WOW!!! My co worker and I went to lunch and we both teared up because I felt like I was saying goodbye...even thought I know I will see her this week when I have Harper and am sure we will text and talk while I'm out.  In that moment it just felt like I was saying good bye to my career. I'm sure I sound crazy but oh well. :)  As I walked away from our lunch and headed home to finish my work day I couldn't stop smiling. Knowing that I had finally made it to this milestone and now I get to relax and enjoy all that is to come over the course of the next few days. 

That afternoon The Colonel (my dad) and his wife flew in from Florida and Chad picked them up at the airport and dropped them off at their hotel so they could get settled and take a nap.  Friday evening they came over along with three of my sisters for family dinner and we enjoyed many laughs and conversation. It's hard to believe that it's been nine years since The Colonel has been here and to add to that he's never been to our home or really anything that is part of our lives here. The boys were ecstatic to have him and showed them their room and play room and got their Nerf guns out. It was great! I made my spaghetti and homemade meatballs with a salad and garlic bread and everyone had a nice time getting acclimated to having them here.

Friday morning my dear friend Mich and her husband Craig welcomed their daughter L into the world.  And she is precious! I was stalking my phone all morning waiting for pictures and updates. I am so excited that she is here and looking forward to spending the next few months with Mich loving on our daughters.  The excitement of her birth turned to worry and concern as we received word Sat am that she was moved to the NICU due to low oxygen levels. By mid afternoon we received an update that they had moved her to the Children's hospital and there were problems with her heart.  Chad and I spent allot of time in prayer together and separately yesterday praying for the doctors, little L, Mich and Craig. Because Mich had a C-section she is still at the hospital that L was born at and is hoping to be discharged today so she can go be with L.  Craig continued to keep us updated as time allowed and he and Chad talked for an hour last night. As more details became available we are thankful that the doctors have identified the problem with her heart and are in prayer that they will know which of the three options will be needed for L to recover.  Because she is so small it will take time to determine next steps and right now the doctors are waiting to see how her body responds to the meds she is on.  My heart breaks for Mich and Craig as I can't imagine all of the feelings that are experiencing right now. Mich is heartbroken she can't be with L right this moment and I know she is trying to "keep it together" and be "strong" but I know it will hit her soon and it's so hard not being able to be right there for her.  We know that God has L's life in His hands and find comfort in that and wait as each hour goes by to see what will happen next.

Today Carm flies in to be here for Harper's birth and spend the next nine days with our family.  Carm is my "person". If you've ever watched the Grey's Anatomy episode where Christina and Meredith are talking and have the "your my person" conversation...it is the epitome of my relationship with Carm.  She is one of the only people who I've known for more than half of my life. She has been there with me through all of life's major events since I was 15 and is that person that I call almost every morning at 8:30 just to say hi for five minutes and chat.  As we've gotten older, married, and had children, our families have grown close and we spend time together every year.  Her husband and Chad get a long great and our children are starting to cultivate friendships which we are excited to watch as they get older.  Her children are my god babies and we've asked her and her husband Sean to be Harper's godparents. I can't imagine having anyone else here with Chad and I for her birth and can't wait to get her at the airport in a matter of hours! We plan on watching the movie pitch perfect tonight while enjoying some Lindt chocolate and hot chocolate. Chad is working tomorrow so Carm and I will enjoy coffee in the am followed by a Target run I'm sure, then we will meet up with The Colonel and Patty to pick the boys up at school and enjoy Kylan's basketball practice.  And the morning after that I have Harper!!! :) Yep it's happening in just a matter of days. And with that being said I will leave you with a picture my sister took of me on Friday, because she said I didn't have enough of my pregnant. I'm not a huge fan of it but it does mark the almost end of my pregnancy so I thought I'd share. :) You can tell that I haven't had much sleep..lol 

Well apparently there is something wrong with the link I use to upload pictures so I will have to come back and try again.

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A Tiny Hiney said...

Can't wait to see your sweet Harper!!! Praying for you during this time of transition, high emotions and hope you're enjoying every sweet minute with your growing family!!!