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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Family Vacation

The past ten days have been wonderful.  My dr. released me to go on our family vacation to South Carolina and I was thrilled! My levels were theraputic for three days before we left and she let me go with a page of instructions but I was able to go..Yes! We left Thursday after I got off of work and headed out.  We stopped in Indiana and got up early the next morning to finish the drive to Isle De Palms. Unfortunately I started having chest and shoulder pains that morning and we ended up calling an ambulance while in Tennessee.  I was taken to Mission Hospital and they were fantastic! My oxygen levels were down to 93% so they put me on oxygen for several hours and did a chest CT to make sure there weren't additional clots.  I was relieved that there weren't any and after injections of more meds and my vitals returning to normal they released me.  We were only an hour from my cousins home and decided to stop there for the evening and not go all the way to Isle De Palms.  After a good nights rest we got up and made is to the Isle by lunch time.  The next two days were filled with nothing but time on the beach, sleep, and family time.  That Sunday we had my cousins wedding on the beach...which started at five and was beautiful! We had never been to a beach wedding and thoroughly enjoyed it.  My cousin, Rebecca and I, got up the next morning for a long walk/talk on the beach with our coffee in hand and spent the rest of Monday on the beach with the kids.  I will forever cherish these days of nothing but relaxing and memories made! I know it sounds corny but I have been so looking forward to this time of just peace.  After spending four days in the Isle we spent an afternoon in Charleston exploring and having amazing seafood! We then headed to my cousins house and spent five days with her and her family! My aunt and uncle, and Grams live two blocks from her so it was fantastic to spend time with them.  Rebecca has three kids...twin girls who are five and a boy who is nine.  Noah and Ky had a blast with them and were immediately attached at the hip.  We spent time during the day doing many different things as a family, The Children's Museum (was awesome!..), Clemson Botanical gardens, Boating, and relaxing.  I loved the slow pace and frankly didn't miss work for a minute! In fact I actually dreaded coming back period.  Unfortunately i've struggled to keep my levels theraputic and fell well below the min level on Wednesday and today they are way above...so i'm praying they level off this week.  My arms could sure use a break from all of the bloodwork.  We arrived home last night at about 11 and we all crashed! This morning the boys were up at their normal time and we actually made it to the 9:00 service. I have missed being at church the past few weeks and felt so blessed to be there today!! God speaks through our pastor and today was no exception! My heart was calmed and peace filled me! I've been so anxious driving since everything happened and hope this week goes ok.  I start driving back to the city and am a little nervous about my long car ride.  I could go on and on about our week but am pretty tired and want to have some cuddle time with my men before they get tucked in. Here are few of my favorite pics from our trip! Enjoy:)

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A Tiny Hiney said...

Love the pics and sounds like you had an amazing time with your family!! Priceless! Hope you are back to 100% soon! Prayers for you! :)